Clarity please on Water Strider

Can we please have an official comment on whether or not the earned Water Strider will still be a water walking mount as it is now?

If there is a change, removing this earned mount:
What type of compensation will be given if this is taken away? And which customers are asking for the water strider to be changed?

Looking for a real developer answer, not a CS rep.


There is a blue post on this but it would be best just downloading the PTR next week and checking things out for yourself. If the system they put in is stupid then post on the PTR forum.


CMs post here. Not devs. The info they get is from the devs.

And info already given states that the innate ability of the strider will be lost in lieu of a mount equipment slot.

Mount equipment slot, as we’ve been told so far, works like a gem socket and it’s character wide for every mount.

If you’ve earned the strider, you’ll get a discount on the water walking equipment and one free piece of equipment to use on one character.


There have been a lot of information released already, MMO Champ has a round up on 8.2, what you want probably is listed here:

  • If you have the Water Strider mount, you receive the water walking mount equipment for free in the mail on patch day.
  • Furthermore, if you already have the strider you can buy the water walking mount equipment for a substantially reduced price from the vendor who sold you the mount.
  • The Water Strider will no longer be able to walk on water without the equipment slot.

I am guessing the equipment slot will NOT be account wide. As in, we get mailed ONE free water walking, for ONE toon… but what about all our alts?

Hardly fair nerfing something that people worked very hard to obtain so that it could do the specific thing blizzard are taking away to basically re sell us.

What a joke.


The equipment you buy is BOA. Can be used by level 20 and above.


This item could be like the FP maps you buy from 7th legion and honorbound. You can use them and they stay in your bag and you can send it to other characters, although the fact they said reduced price if you want more probably makes that unlikely actually.

None of that is really clear though, at least to me.


It’s an overall buff if you ask me. All our mounts can now water walk? Yes please! You can get the water strider easy with mop time walking.


Seems pretty clear to me. However, you’ll be able to experience it for yourself on the PTR next week.

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OR blizzard could not change anything, and my 50+ toons (2 accounts) can continue to use the strider as it was instead of trying to now back track and charge me more gold for something I can currently already do for free… AFTER already earning the mount…


Yes, hopefully as it rolls out to test it will become clearer, though obviously things in testing can change before release anyway, so this probably will be more of a wait and see system for now.

Thanks for the info. Personally, I am just going to wait and see as this unfolds. I like the concept. Specially if it eventually leads to flight equipment so our underutilized ground mounts can fly. Think of Rivendare’s Deathcharger or Midnight soaring through the air!
Honestly, it seems as if the only thing stopping from making mount equipment a hit with everyone is that they decided to mess with the Water Strider. If they took that out of the equation, all would be calm… for at least 77 seconds lol.

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I strongly disagree with you. This change let’s any of my mounts water walk. I dont want that taken away just because you want the ability on just striders and zero change.


Yes, I agree. Blizzard (Ion) just needs to back the hell off from the strider. He tried to do this once before and there was (rightly so) outrage.

People worked hard to earn a mount that has an ability that they now want to take away.

Just leave the strider alone, let it water walk no matter what, and then add all this extra crap for other mounts.

Win win. But clearly this isn’t about win win for blizzard. Like portals and flight and XP gains/leveling there is more to this.


You barely need water-walking in the Old World, and we can fly at 60. stop being lazy and mounting the strider just to get across a pond.

WW is most useful in watery no-fly areas, Naz’mir would be a pain without it atm.

Happy to have all other mounts change my dear, but don’t touch our striders for those of use who earned them.


They don’t need to touch the strider, they could just add slots to all the other mounts so you could use water walking on that.


I wouldn’t really consider doing dailies for a month really hard work. Sympathy for the people that got the strider via just fishing though when it was current content. But I’m going to wait and see where this goes before declaring the sky is falling personally.

The need for ‘player engagement’ is really starting to show it’s face. Dying game, sad.