Clarification on the “Against Overwhelming Odds” Quest Reward

Oh man this is great! Salty horde players. There a joke on my server going around. It’s “they’re called horde for a reason. There’s so damn many of them”. For the longest time, it’s seemed that horde rarely world pvp unless they outnumber the alliance. I see more alliance players rushing into a 1v3 than I see horde players charging into a 1v1. It’s nice to be rewarded for choosing the less populated side finally. And if you hate this quest with every fiber of your being, join the alliance or turn war mode off. If the scales even out enough, it will never come back :slight_smile:


Clarification isnt the word id use.

The issue is you shouldn’t be rewarded for that at all

Why is that? We pick the losing side often knowing its the losing side. The quest is called “Against Overwhelming Odds” for a reason. I doubt many horde players would complain about getting this reward if Alliance was the dominant pvp faction. Plus, since it is an incentive to play on war mode, that increases the amount of players on the losing faction that turn war mode on and if it were to even out, the quest wouldnt be present anymore. Like I said, if you dont like it with all of your being, swap factions, or turn war mode off. It will balance out if enough of you do that or if enough of us turn war mode on, removing the quest.


Still waiting for this to happen :slight_smile:

Alliance players can call it salty all they want, but the fact of the matter is that for many years in the life of this game, PVP wasn’t incentivized like it is now, and there was plenty of participation. Warmode is a handicapped PVP model, toggled at players’ whims, and the only way it has shown success in participation is to dangle rewards at players.

The argument is over the bad design of the system. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter that you get gear for it, because in the end all our gear will be made obselete by the next tier, or the next expansion. Doesn’t wash away the bad taste it leaves in your mouth, that Blizzard had to offer rewards, and then additional rewards to keep players interested in PVP.

The quest is a band-aid on a severed limb. Which then leads to 20+ alliance players camping the turtle flight path to complete the quest and then proceed to turn warmode off. Alliance is still at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to anything of pvp substance such as arena or bg’s.

My question is why is it a quest based on global region numbers of Horde and Alliance. This impacts server clusters where in actual fact the statistics is heavily swung the other way and you have more alliance than horde players in that cluster pvping.

This quest in turn benefits the strongest group on that server cluster and does nothing for the weak group which actually need the benefits of the quest line to assist them to boost numbers in terms of PvP as well as be able to gear up.

In it’s current format this is the biggest flaw that I can tell with this quest series and what it is designed to achieve and where it currently fails to achieve this.

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Yes, but the same can be said about high end raid gear that becomes obsolete once the new tier is out. I do agree that war mode was a mistake and that realms should have stayed pvp or pve. The point is that yes, while it is just a piece of gear, it is a piece of gear that potentially allows me to survive those 1v3 fights or take down one or two of you, or even just survive long enough for help to arrive. You horde always seem to arrive in swarms, picking us out one by one. That’s how its always been. But that is more of a problem with psychology. Many of your races are the bloodthirsty, the savage, and you are represented by the color red which incites reckless aggression. While the alliance has more peaceful races and is represented by the color blue, which incites careful planning and patience. So of course the horde are going to be more aggressive and more pvp players are going to play horde, its psychological at its very nature. Not something we can change without scrapping the factions and allowing players to play whatever they want and fight whoever they want. And that is not something I and I’m sure many people would support.

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Hrm, 20 Alliance waiting at a flight master with their AOO quest. Flights don’t arrive in swarms :slight_smile:

Just made a wonderful argument for why Horde races deserve better damage-output racial abilities though, so thanks for that!

As long as we all agree that warmode was a bad design, I’m okay with the rest.

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I hate when people of either faction camp neutral flight paths. I think the kills should not count if they are within a certain distance of flight points and quest npcs. And remember, will of the forsaken, bloodlust, and enrage are all horde damage boosters. alliance has the DI dwarf stoneskin, the LFD holy nuke, and the void elf void form. The alliance racial damage boosts are all on allied races, unlike the hordes who are mostly on base races.

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So it’s okay to have 40 to 8 odds where the 40 are getting an item because supposedly they are outnumbered in PvP by Horde… (BUZZ) wrong answer in some servers you have 4 to 1, 10 to 1 and even 30 to 1 Alliance to Horde ratio in PvP why? Because the horde were outnumbered to start and now because it’s pretty much impossible to do anything constructive with WarMode on without be harassed by roaming groups of 5+ alliance players means majority have turned their warmode off on that server cluster.

This doesn’t have enough impact to turn the ratio around though due to the other server groups and hence the servers with the imbalance are basically screwed while the alliance just get stronger on that server cluster.

Now in terms of your comments about racials I would actually state that in terms of game play and PvP right now and for a very long time Alliance had the best PvP racials you’re not considering Human Free Trinket, Gnome Free CC Breaker, Dwarf Removes all Poisons, Dark Dwarf Bonus Damage + remove ALL harmful effects.

Now what is the most broken of them all…Shadowmeld this racial alone in PvP and arena is broken because it allows a Free drink in fights and we have seen this in the current meta alot. It has also been used for Skipping Huge amounts of content in the Dungeon Runs as well. So please explain how the horde Racials are any better…none of them actually provide anywhere near the functionality of those and majority have been nerfed to the point of being dysfunctional and very situational for most of the races

I think you all need to watch this (credit to Oozo: Shandris). It actually understates what happens during AOO week until you get to the clip from Stormsong.

Except obviously it doesn’t since you’re still getting it.

It is the quest itself I hate, it is the fact that the quest+warmode all together is rewarding from PVE Stuff, which it shouldn’t be. The Rewards and Bonuses should be more PVP Focused, not PVE Focused. This is the reason why there is a huge imbalance with Warmode between the Horde and the Alliance.

But no, an Alliance player calling the Horde “Salty” can’t even see that.

This is why I said war mode was bad design. You shouldn’t have the option to toggle pvp at all really. You either pvp or you don’t.


thank you for the link. it proves that imbalance doesnt exist. it makes you wonder what the point of it was then. player participation isnt the same as imbalance. not understanding that, turns into favoritism.
that was the point of getting rid of pvp servers and adding war mode. it gave everyone access, at any time. and of their own personal choice. if only 10 alliance turned on war mode, that is participation and personal choice. the moment they got an incentive for what they made the personal choice -not- to do, it became favoritism. imbalance only accounts for the pool while in war mode. not outside of it. and sadly, blizzard has admitted that this is favoritism, because they made clear that the point of the incentive was -to get people to turn ON war mode-. i think a person would need to be in serious denial to not understand.

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alliance out-numbered LMAO

3 alts and i have yet to get in a zone or shard where the alliance don’t equal numbers at the very least.

The alliance always had enough players obviously, it just took bribes to get them to play. or at least to play long enough to get the loot and turn it off so it doesn’t look like enough alliance are in war mode.

now if sharding actually worked even a little then a roving pack would get ported somewhere where there were more of the other faction.

BTW you shouldn’t get sharded right in the middle of killing some elite, and have that elite disappear. Being in a small raid, in the middle of killing an elite, and getting ported right into the middle of a 30-40 player alliance isn’t fun either. Has happened to me at least 3 times.

Of course actually having 60-80 players in the same area is a guaranteed MASSIVE lag fast. After 15 years Blizzard’s software or servers still can’t handle outdoor pvp of any size.

But you go on and keep encouraging game play that your systems simply can’t handle.

GG Blizz GG