Clarification on the “Against Overwhelming Odds” Quest Reward

Does this mean the quest will be deleted on just the day of the weekly reset on 8.2 patch day, or will it be deleted every week after as well? Asking for clarification.

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This explains why my warrior sees a 400 reward and my DH a 395.

The warrior’s getting a piece of azerite.

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It means the quest won’t carry over from week to week like it currently does


It’s not going to be removed just it won’t carry over from week to week

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thats what im hoping. id hate to see it removed. It benefits the alliance more just because of how many more horde players play pvp. hopefully something like this will incentivize more pvp play in the alliance.

Right. So if the quest is available 3 weeks in a row and you pick it up during the first week, it won’t be removed from the quest log unless you turn it in, at which point you can pick it up the next week it’s available. The quest itself will continue to exist.


Sweet, thanks for the clarification!

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This is straight up bs! I’m out numbered 15v1 for everything open world. I literally was unable to finish the invasion yesterday because I was camped by a steady stream of 20+ Alliance.


That’s too bad, have you thought about turning off War Mode?


Logic? That’s completely unheard of for horde. Someone in my horde guild was complaining they couldn’t do the Turtle WQs with war mode on…

Well…let’s see…there’s a few solutions to that… Apparently WM off isn’t an option they’d rather torture themselves for no good reason. Fine by me though, I get the 20% and free loot, LOL.


I wish it was. Both factions should have this quest at the same time. The way it currently is, is just bad design


Neither faction should have this quest. The fact that warmode participation is so low they need to offer players gear to get them involved, that is bad design. But it’s here to stay, so I’d suggest learning to deal with it.

The solution to being camped by opposite faction is either turn off WM, or gather some friends and fight your way out. The latter is always better than the former.

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I mean yeah, I agree to that. Removing that quest seems to be the best option. People only run war mode for that quest and then turn it off. No reward like this should come from having war mode on

Sorry to sound mean here or something, but this should be removed, as well as all PVE Bonuses that is included from WM. The only reason why most people turn on WM is for all the PVE Bonues, and this is the reason why the Alliance is outnumbered by the Horde.

If the bonuses in WM was more focused towards PVP, then the AOO wouldn’t need exist in the first place, which means the Alliance wouldn’t need welfare loot to be encouraged to turn on WM.


Both sides are guilty of doing the same thing - so in a perfect world, both should NOT get rewards. WPVP should be just that.

Face facts, a lot of people genuinely do not like to PVP. And do it only to get a quick reward. It’s not sustainable with the way it is.

But it’s here to stay so try not to care too much about gear. And turn off WM if your getting ambushed.

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Oh man this is great! Salty horde players. There a joke on my server going around. It’s “they’re called horde for a reason. There’s so damn many of them”. For the longest time, it’s seemed that horde rarely world pvp unless they outnumber the alliance. I see more alliance players rushing into a 1v3 than I see horde players charging into a 1v1. It’s nice to be rewarded for choosing the less populated side finally. And if you hate this quest with every fiber of your being, join the alliance or turn war mode off. If the scales even out enough, it will never come back :slight_smile:


Clarification isnt the word id use.

The issue is you shouldn’t be rewarded for that at all

Why is that? We pick the losing side often knowing its the losing side. The quest is called “Against Overwhelming Odds” for a reason. I doubt many horde players would complain about getting this reward if Alliance was the dominant pvp faction. Plus, since it is an incentive to play on war mode, that increases the amount of players on the losing faction that turn war mode on and if it were to even out, the quest wouldnt be present anymore. Like I said, if you dont like it with all of your being, swap factions, or turn war mode off. It will balance out if enough of you do that or if enough of us turn war mode on, removing the quest.


Still waiting for this to happen :slight_smile:

Alliance players can call it salty all they want, but the fact of the matter is that for many years in the life of this game, PVP wasn’t incentivized like it is now, and there was plenty of participation. Warmode is a handicapped PVP model, toggled at players’ whims, and the only way it has shown success in participation is to dangle rewards at players.

The argument is over the bad design of the system. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter that you get gear for it, because in the end all our gear will be made obselete by the next tier, or the next expansion. Doesn’t wash away the bad taste it leaves in your mouth, that Blizzard had to offer rewards, and then additional rewards to keep players interested in PVP.