Civil Engineers 8/11H 2 nights a week

Tuesday & Thursday 8p-11p est

Civil Engineers is currently looking for more like-minded individuals to join in on the memes.

If you enjoy having a good time, are a skilled player (or at least think you are), enjoy a good meme, and are done with that 12-20hr raid schedule, come say hi. We just might be the home you never knew you were looking for!

We are currently looking to add more skilled dps to our roster (especially you ranged dps’ers) of basically any variety atm. As long as you can play it well, doesn’t really matter what you play. We are not striving to become a top 1% guild so we won’t ever try to pigeon hole you into something you don’t enjoy playing. Plus we have an Ed Sheeran look-a-like!

So if you are a player that is just returning to the game after a break and you’re behind on content/gear then come chat with us. We would love to help you get caught up so you can be part of our team.

If any of this resonates with you and/or your friends and guild, hit us up.

Having a chat never hurt anyone :wink:

You can leave your info here or contact us @ the following:

DISCORD: TOTO#4671 or NOM@9878