City Balance / old city updates


Stormwind for a long time has been the “center hub” for the alliance. Work always been worked on, revamped, tinkered. Can Ironforge see a possible update or perhaps an expansion of floor level? I feel like they should at least add the same vendor quality as stormwind such as transog, pvp vendors etc. I’d mention exodar but it seems like the writers / developers are trying to make Eastern kingdom alliance controlled and kalimdor horde controlled. I do appreciate them making amazing new cities such as borulas and what not but I’d like to see older city get some love. /rant over

(Akston) #2

I would not expect secondary cities to get an update unless they become pivotal to the storyline.

They are intentionally leaving certain vendors out of the secondary cities, because they want people to gather in 2 specific areas.

Faction Capital City (SW/Org) or New_Expansion_City.


I think we will probably see secondary capital cities vanish when they port wow to mobile.


yeah. I guess it would have to make sense lore wise. But since we got dark iron forge and more allies and old allies that are refugees…i think it would be the perfect time to see some update. Maybe some 3 clans differences between the dwarfs or a tunnel leading to shadowforge city?

(Angrysocks) #5

Which is even more retarded now with the servers being no longer able to handle larger amounts of traffic in one area.


I believe they said that they recognize the issue are working on a fix.

(Angrysocks) #7

They have obviously cut back on their server infrastructure, which isn’t something they can “fix” without throwing money at it. Considering one of their biggest directives right now is saving money…yeah.

(Hardwire) #8

Maybe their “fix” should be “stop funneling everyone into the same two cities”.


I understand their reasoning for wanting to stick with one main faction city but they honestly could expand on that by adding more stuff with the war campaign quests and such imo.

(Hardwire) #10

I’m fine with the centralized current-expansion capital cities; there’s no real reason to develop multiple population centers for a two year expansion. I just don’t understand their obsession with forcing everyone to abandon the older-content capitals that already exist and could spread the population load, in favor of overcrowding SW and Org.


Yeah it will only get worse when kul tiran allies unlock and brawlers guild open again.