Chromie time and Cataclysm

When I choose Cataclysm for Chromie time I don’t have an option to go to the Cata zones. The Warchief’s board offers Southern Barrens, Ashenvale or Hellfire. When I bring up my map the Cata zones are labelled as level 30+. is this because some zones require flight which isn’t available until level 30? I was under the impression we could level in all prior expacs from 10-50. Is this a bug or is Cataclysm an exception?

It looks like Cata & Vanilla are lumped together, so if you choose Cata as your Chromie Time option, you level up in the vanilla zones until you reach 30, then you can go to the Cata zones for 30-50.

Without Chromie Time the Cata zones are 30-35 so you do get some benefit from enabling Chromie Time, but they don’t scale all the way down to 10 unfortunately.

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alright thanks, I was thinking that was the case.