Chosen of Elune Zandalari vs Kul Tiran

(Ragingcoup) #1

So I tried out both Moonkins just because and of course I wanted to see how they performed and what things looked like casting. When the Zandalari druids use their Chosen of Elune (Incarnation) cooldown they get this awesome zandalari armor that pins on to them like a transformer and it’s awesome.

When the Kul Tirans do the same cooldown, they go from being a moonkin stick owl to…the same thing. They don’t change. There’s no visual change to show you’re using the cooldown nor any majestic transformation that every moonkin form gets.

I’m hoping it’s just because of how unfinished Kul Tirans feel in terms of customization, but still, it was disappointing :O! Granted, this was a few days ago and I don’t know if it’s changed, but when I tested it, it was very sad to not transform.

Pls. Halp.


Happen to do any dps parses?

I heard someone say today that the Zandalar bleed racial is 7k dps on its own if it runs a full cycle, but I’m taking that with a grain of salt until I see confirming data.

It’s just an item of curiosity, as I’m not playing Horde anymore these days, I haven’t been curious enough to log in and test it myself.

(Ragingcoup) #3

I haven’t yet but it’s on my list =)! I’ll post some numbers again here when I get it done!

(Kinria) #4

Kul Tirans are half-arsed rushed messes.
News at 7.