Choosing your fate

I am Bigwig, Son of Stormfjell, of the Order of the Forsaken. I call on you, the hunter named Regress, to choose your fate. You have no honor. I say this as I’ve watched you camp young ones as they attempt access to the Zeppelin outside the city of OR. I have, in fact, been one of your victims as you sit, shrouded in an invisibility which allows you to pull off this pathetic attempt at battle. I maintain that battling a member of the opposite faction that is 10+ levels below you must be an attempt to over-compensate for a smaller issue.
Choose your fate young hunter as I explain how moving forward will go.
I spend most of my life in this realm helping new recruits with items to move them forward and even do Bigwig’s giveaways in smaller villages. That said, I am not one to do raids or dungeons and therefore am not geared to my level in any shape or form but, this can change. I would prefer you ignore your overwhelming feeling to beat up on younger horde and attempt some real action but , if you choose to stay your course, I will make it my mission to call you out, out-train you, out-gear you, and camp you. I will not, however, mess with any other ally as I still have my honor intact and still, even last night, helped a struggling ally in Tanaris who pulled too large of a group.
Choose your fate, Regress, and let it be known that either you will continue picking on lower level opponents or you will “honor up” and help make this “Deviate Delight” world worthy of honor…
So says Bigwig , Son of Stormfell, honored Executor of The Order of the Forsaken.