Choco Chip Cookies or Fresh Fudge?

Maybe just let it die and hope people forget it by the time TWW lands.

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we shouldnt mention this event again its that bad
bury it
cover it up
let it be like the e.t. copies.


It’s good, and I’m having fun.

Just next time have 2 separate currencies. 1 for gear, and 1 for cosmetics.


Hey, I’m Sorry if you froggers got all the collectables day 2 and now you got a little weaker.

Most of us Regular Joes problly still have to Farm bronze some good weeks to get all the stuff

You can take a break until TWW If you feel like it, take Care dawg.


That actually sounds like a good idea.

That’s really the only issue with the event (aside from a few bugs which have been mostly all fixed now) is choosing between power and cosmetics with Bronze.

It’s to late to add a second currency now, so it’s best to just cut upgrade costs in half.

Hopefully this is the learning event and the next one they have a white board that says “Don’t Frog This Up”.

Or… you crybabies can just not play it?

LOL, no.

This game mode is fun. It’s had some issues along the way, but Blizzard has apparently been working on them. Some of the changes were done poorly at first, but they’re taking steps in the right direction, so…if YOU don’t like it, then by all means, go play S4, or Baldur’s Gate 3, or FFXIV, or whatever suits your fancy…but for those of us who do? Blizz just has to fix one more major thing (gear upgrades at lv70) and we’ll be having a blast.

Have fun, though!


I’m having heaps of fun still. Yes, the event will go down in history as a shemozle due to the froggers and hyperfarm whack-a-mole. But in reality, if you didn’t partake in all that, the event was a resounding success. A pity it won’t be remembered that way.


weeks? what do you do? login and stay afk?

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I’m not sure how adding more types of currencies solves any issues.

The only issue with currencies, currently, is that gear upgrades are astronomical in cost, which is why so many players aren’t even bothering with upgrades. Or they only upgrade their gear once or twice and say enough is enough.

Adding another currency does not solve the pricing issue.

Blizzard could solve the pricing issue at any moment with a push of a button if they wanted to appease the masses. But they don’t really care.
Blizzard wants players to farm bronze for the next three months which is why the upgrade costs are so outrageous.

Not sure what your thoughts are on how two currencies will rectify this problem.

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I am enjoying it and i know a few people who came back to play it who are all also having a blast so i wouldn’t say it failed at all. There are some tweaks still needed but still its a great proof of concept on how to do different events.

Nice comparison.

I’ve been monitoring the remix population on my server for the majority of this week and it has died down considerably from the opening weekend.
Tonight MoP remix seems to be busy again because it’s the weekend but I think by next week Monday or Tuesday the population will be all but gone.

For example:
Searching each zone this week up until this afternoon, there were only 5-10 players in each of the main MoP zones.

Here are some average numbers as of Friday afternoon,
May 25th, Realm: Earthen Ring:

Jade Forest: 16 players
Kun Lai Summit: 6 players
Vale of Eternal Blossoms: 4 players
The Dread Wastes: 6 players
Townlong Steppes: 4 players
Krasarang Wilds: 7 players
Isle of Thunder: 4 players
Timeless Isle: 4 players

Note, some players may be in dungeons or raids too which I wasn’t really monitoring.

At the start of the event the Jade Forest was packed with players. I didn’t even bother doing a number search on those days because it was obviously packed with people everywhere competing for mobs and racing to max level.

Even when I log into retail Dragonflight, the zones are packed with people all over the place. You can tell easily when some place is busy and when some place is empty.

I think the event is dying off fast and a lot of it has to do with the bronze grind and not being as OP and advertised. The event isn’t alt friendly, and hardly no one wants to upgrade their gear.

The event needs some quick fixing if Blizzard wants to save face.

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:smile: Another crying frogger. Pull yourself together, bro.

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Please do. the only thing that will save this event is sending it to the shadowlands.

:smile: Since most rewards come from raids and dungeons, your “monitor” means nothing. Compared to the first week, finding a group for raids is much easier, and I spend much less time waiting for a group for Heroic Dungeons.

SL was good

SL was a good promise. and whatever the worse word is you can think of in so far as execution. Man was torghast fun in beta. And then it became a crappy chore where you could barely get OP at all. If anything I wish torghast gave you MOP remix level powers and was longer with better reward/leadboard structure. So much coulda been done.

I actually found torghast(post 9.1) very very fun, and one of my favorite things in the game.
I also find DF as my least favorite expansion though, XD