Chicken nerfed randomly

Is this is a bug? I just tested it out for an entire dungeon and it wasn’t procing on damage.
What’s going on? Who wanted this change? Nobody, that’s what.

Is this an out of season april fool’s joke?


A community council member, who plays a hunter, complained to a blue about the trinket being too OP on that forum.


If by randomly you mean they said they were looking to possibly change it, and then changed it, then yes it was completely randomly changed.


Giv chimkin back!


Lemon has nine threads on the front page. Nine.


It’s not my fault people are replying to them aka forming a discussion, I created each thread at least a day apart from another.

If change hurts lemon = blizzard do the change.
If Lemon likes = blizzard don’t touch a thing.

Should be their philosophy going forward.

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I doubt this is true, the chicken helped hunters out a lot.

This sounds like a not so great idea

I LITERALLY quoted you the blue text, long before you posted this. This is a troll post because you already know the answer.

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This thread was made 10 hours ago, and you’re talking about your reply made 3 hours ago. I’m not a time traveler Elora!

I’m a hunter that benefits from chickens and i’m glad for this change. Should’ve removed it completely but this makes them useless enough for my raid team that we won’t use them anymore.

It was an annoying thing to do to be fair.

And every one of them is you complaining.

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There’s really nothing to dispute about this. You can go to the Community Council forum and read the posts from the hunter community council member who cried about the chicken.

Who cares. Lots of people wanted chickens to be nerfed from a range of different classes. It’s gone now, time to move on and hope WCL bans it or all melee parsing will become an even bigger meme.

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