<Chemical Imbalance> H LFM for 9.2 Thurs/Fri/Sat 9p EST

Chemical Imbalance is looking for more skilled raiders for 9.2 Raiding! We are on Area 52 Horde side which is a high population, competitive server in the Eastern Time zone.
We have been a mythic guild for two expansions now, and aim to achieve CE in 9.2

Maintaining a positive, collaborative environment is extremely important to us. We are looking for people who are active participants in the guild’s betterment and supportive of guild-mates. This includes: ability to take constructive criticism, willingness to suggest ways for the guild to improve, participation in strat discussion, and generally maintaining positive attitudes.

We are building a CE team for 9.2. Please do not apply if you are not a committed mythic player. This includes doing the requisite work outside of raid.

We have many M+ players at all IO levels as well as players interested in PvP(arena/battlegrounds).

Toxicity will 100% not be tolerated.

We started into mythic progression during Eternal Palace and ended up 3/8 M. After that we ended up 9/12 M in Ny’alotha.

We do care about fixing mistakes and helping raiders improve to progress as far as possible. We don’t tolerate people telling others how to play, but welcome discussion regarding talent changes/playstyle/spec etc

Mistakes are called out and we hold raiders accountable for improving. Wipe logs are analyzed and discussed as a group in order to fix issues moving forward. We work as a team to ensure mechanics are understood but we also expect raiders to be prepared with fight knowledge beforehand.

We expect raiders to take personal responsibility for their character progression where possible. This includes dailies, rep, research, and Mythic +.

We strive as a guild to provide flasks/foods/vantus runes/repair but understand these things cost time, money, and materials so being prepared with your own backups is required.

Raid schedule:

Thursday 9:00pm-11pm EST(approx) Farm Content(Heroic Raid, trials required)

Friday and Saturday 9:00-12:00am EST(server time) Prog Content(Mythic Raid)

Current Progression:
3/11 Heroic
6/11 Normal

Top Priority
RANGED DPS(Full on hunters) and a healer(Full on priests)

All other motivated and reliable warm-ish bodies will also be considered!

Please contact the below officers for a Discord link to our app! :slight_smile:



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