<Cheers> [H] Weekend raid team recruiting

Cheers is a newer guild that is growing rapidly! We are about two weeks old and already closing in on 40 raid members! We just need a few more…
We are “hardcore-casual”. We aim for consistent progression, while keeping things relaxed and enjoyable! Crack a cold one and raid is our mantra, and we plan to stick to it.

We are looking to recruit warlocks, rogues, and a BOOMKIN!
Our first raid as a guild (with some pugs) was last weekend, and downed 9/10 in MC with ZERO wipes. We just need a little bit better DPS to down Rag.
Ony has also not been an issue for us.

Reply here or whisper Noobito, Snotballs, Pilsner, or Tute in game if you are interested!
Come crack a cold one and raid with Cheers!