Checking on a name

I’m just checking to see if this name is ok. I tried to self report but I tried several different categories and couldn’t find one to report my own name.

Is it this name i dont see any problems with it. or is it with another toon altogether.

It’s this one.

There isn’t one specifically for self-reporting, but you can use the appeals path as probably the best fit. Just be very clear in the description box that you’re looking to report your own character name and avoid potential issues in the future, rather than appeal a non-existent action.

I don’t see anything wrong with the name, personally.


Thank you!

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At level 20, it’ll probably be easier to delete and remake. From what I can tell, there’s no name violations, btw.

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I think he’s fine but I’m an overly cautious person and am just trying to be sure.

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Theres great fantasy name generators out there your welcome to use those.

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