Checking in (Also lf guild sort of)

Hi there. I used to play on this server and was thinking about coming back. I’m really lost on trying to find a home and I just have memories here. If there are any guilds recruiting that would take me I’d do my best to make a good addition. I’d really like to level a vulpera and not raid just yet (which I hope isn’t a problem). I’m a social person and definitely wouldn’t be around for just raid day. Anyway if you think I’d be okay to join or any other feedback I’d really appreciate it.

Hello and welcome back.
If you need a home or just want to hang out, and don’t mind horde feel free ot check into my guild, Annunaki.
Its just a small AotC raiding guild but everyone is super nice and we could use a few more social folks.
I’ll leave a Discord link below so you can check us out:

Hi! I’m a bit in the same boat! My problem when I commited to Turalyon way back I didnt realize just how Horde Heavy this server is. It seems the most active community is horde, so as an alliance member, the recruitment has always been hard here.

With that said I do have a home I would love others to join, although I also have no issues abandoning ship and joining an ally guild if I could find one works. Hope we both find something non horde (if that’s what you play)…no offence Aureil :slight_smile:

Many offences taken!

Just kidding.
I tried the alliance side here and just couldn’t made a good go of it.
Horde side has been much, much better but both of you can feel free to hang out with us!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

If I do make a horde I will forsure hit you up!

Alliance kinda died on most realms, unfortunately. = / You can always check wowprogress or just ask in trade chat to see what is even around on Alliance anymore, but otherwise Sargeras and Stormrage are the go to Alliance realms these days.