Cheater LF casual PVP guild

I have been with a tank for a few years now. But im thinking of leaving her and our guild. I have tried to enjoy PVE content with her but i have come to realize i really don’t. I only live once so im thinking of cheating and joining another guild. We have 2 dps and a heal together but they are all geared up and fully lvled.

I really enjoy BGs. Im not hardcore but im looking to learn more about pvp and arena. I have played rated BGs some time ago and have the battlemaster title. Just looking for a good casual time to play some 2s, cap some flags, eat some gnomes and chat with like minded people. My time zone is Perth(WA)-Singapore-HongKong. Do let me know how to contact you if i sound like someone you might want. : ))

Thank you for the time and have a good weekend : )