Charges and roots don't make sense

Here’s the scenario.

You are a hunter and you know the warrior is saving his charges to go at you if you start doing dmg. So you strategically drop a steel trap or tar trap with root talent. You open up and warrior charges at you charging straight over the trap - but instead of being stuck in the trap, they reach you with their charge and that’s where their root takes place.

Or, you are a mage and you drop your frozen orb and as they charge, they go right through it and get rooted on them.

Or you are a shaman with lightning reflexes. You see the warrior charge at you so you drop root totem, yet they go right through it and are rooted right at you.

Of course, this isn’t just for warriors, but every melee that has a dash type move like DH, Monk dash, etc.

Why is this?

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Gotta love the vindictive reply from arena forums for asking a valid question as to why people just go right through the source of the roots in this game.

Because we’re all paying $15 a month for a game running on an engine from 2006. When you put it in words it’s pretty offensive and ludicrous, right?


Huh. That’s hilarious and dumb.


This is why as a warlock, I never root.

Mortal coil is the better play.

jus scatter instead.

If you root them early enough on charge animation (like 500ms, prob less) it will halt them. Otherwise they full send

Ranged characters upset they have to take damage for a second


Really? I haven’t played Warrior in a week or so, but I remember getting DCd on Charge roots and if a fast moving target was charged, they’d wind up 10 yards away from me before my Warbringer root even took place.

Yep, friend and I were testing it out the night I posted this because we were wondering what was happening in arena… We were dueling and every time he went right through trap when he was charging with warrior or with dh but got rooted at my character.