Characters moving from TBCC to WotLK?

I just started playing again after about 12 years…started in WOW Classic, and then realized that character will not be able to lvl past 60 into TBC. Do I have that right? Should I start in TBCC and level up instead? LAstly, does anyone know if when WotLK classic comes out will I be able to transfer my TBCC toon to LK classic and continue to level up?

Just level on a TBCC realm. When wrath/wrath prepatch drops you will get an option to keep your character on TBCC or move it on to WC

They aren’t keeping TBCC. We are all going into LK.

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There will be no tbc era servers they’ve said. Everyone on current tbc servers will move to wotlk.

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You need to be on the crusade realms.

That’s correct! When TBC Classic launched, there was a snapshot taken and players could decide to go to TBC Classic or Classic Era servers (and pay for a clone for the other). However, and characters created after that point in time on either Classic Era or TBC Classic do not have that same opportunity.

When Wrath Classic launches, as far as I know, TBC Classic servers and characters will upgrade to Wrath Classic servers and characters.

So, yes if you want to play on a Wrath Classic server, you can either roll a character on a current TBC Classic server, or wait for the new fresh start realms:

There are guilds getting ready specifically for Fresh WotLK Classic