Character Transfers

Is there any place I can check to see if there are free transfers to different realms? Is there a list somewhere and I just cannot see it?

Thanks in advance!

Is your account active?

If you go to your character list and hit the services button it’ll give you the operation for paid server transfers and free server transfers (if its available for your realm)

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Oh okay so its in game only? Ill have to check when I get home. Was looking to kill some time at work lmao.

Thank you very much!

Free Character Transfers for Burning Crusade Classic Realms - WoW Classic / Burning Crusade Classic Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (

That list is still active. That thread should be stickied but it’s not.

The other post on how to check for yourself is also correct.

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Thank you so much for the information!!!

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