Character Transfers Update -- May 1


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Go where? The ONLY balanced PvP server is Grobbulus. That’s it. There is no other PvP server with a reasonable balance. Is it ineptitude that gets it to this point or is it malice? Grobb is locked, but could easily absorb the players from Skyfury.

I agree. I think its pretty simple. Open Skyfury transfers to Grobb and allow paid transfers to Grobb if you already have a character there. Would balance the server even more and wouldnt increase the net player population since the paid transfers would already have toons on Grobb

However at this point, we have to assume blizzard doesnt care. I opened a ticket asking them why is Grobb locked for transfers when you can create a character, and if transfers while ever be open, and all i got in response was a warning to ban my account


How can you have 2 PvP server that are 100% single faction and not do anything about it? That makes them PvE. Faerlina and Benediction… HOW does this happen? Neglect or maliciousness, one of the two.

Let us transfer to locked servers like faerlina if we already have characters created there please. My main is stuck on skyfurry

The following free character transfers are now available in this region.

Angerforge Whitemane
Angerforge Eranikus
Angerforge Sulfuras
Skyfury Whitemane
Skyfury Eranikus
Skyfury Sulfuras
Earthfury Whitemane
Earthfury Eranikus
Earthfury Sulfuras
Myzrael Atiesh
Myzrael Old Blanchy
Maladath Atiesh
Maladath Ashkandi
Azuresong Atiesh
Azuresong Old Blanchy

What about paid transfers to Grobbulus??? Especially if you already have characters on there???


This must be the transfers for the remaining Horde. Wonder when they are gonna open up the transfer for the alliance to go to non 100% horde faction servers?

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I like that a US West server can transfer to a US East server.

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Skyfury to Whitemane ( 17000 Horde 0 Alliance)
Skyfury to Sulfuras (4802 Horde 98% to 2% alliance)
Skyfury to Eranikus (5170 Horde 78% to 1488 alliance 22%)

Not only are you pulling the plug on Skyfury now which will cause it to drain to nothing just like angerforge, but you are giving people the worst options possible for the alliance? You must have forgotten about the alliance players. I’m not gonna go to a server where the entire server is the other faction on a PvP server…Please take a look at what you have done and give alliance players somewhere to go…Maybe think about Grobbulus and understand your failures and correct yourself?


I guess you missed that.
Once you go PVE you can never get off of it. I wont ever go PVE.

Man sure would be nice if those final alliance players on skyfury could give that final balance to grobbulus to bring it even closer to 50%, wild thoughts.

Umm hi, this is great and all, but Im ALLY.

Sulfuras is 98% Horde, Whitemane is 100% Horde, Eranikus is Dead, oh and look. 80% Horde.

I can’t handle this. I’m so frustrated with this.


As many people said, please open transfers from Skyfury to an alliance server… Eranikus is the closes one with 20% alliance but at least give us the chance of going to a 90% alliance realm…

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Wait wait are we playing 5d chess? Are we getting the horde to transfer off skyfury so only alliance are left, then we transfer the last remaining 1k alliance to Grobbulus to push it to a perfect 50/50 balance?!?! Blizzard are you that smart?!

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Absolutely pathetic that a server that’s 30% horde can only transfer to horde dominated servers. This is obviously just a thinly veiled attempt to force people who have been waiting for free transfers to pay anyways

Please share your copium.
I’m out.
I need your optimism bad.

Lol that was just copium attempt number 1, copium attempt number 2 is everyone got fired and just quit and walked out, so its like 2 dudes trying to run the entire thing and hold it all together, and they just didn’t consider faction percentages when looking at the options of servers, and they will DEF look at the forum and see why we are so upset :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can we please, for the love of God, open/unlock Sulfuras? It has almost 1/4 the population of Whitemane (unlocked/open for transfers for months now) while Sulfuras is dying and is still locked.

Why are people unable to pay to transfer or free transfer off of the mega servers to Sulfuras at this point?

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When are you going to address realm population issues on retail?