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Giving feedback to the following post Character Transfer Restrictions -- Updated 21 August - #3

Currently 2JUN20, there are a handful of realms that are locked to transfer characters to. While I understand why that is the case I don’t understand why people who already have characters on those servers can’t transfer their characters to one of those servers. This isn’t adding population to the server as the player already plays there.

My current situation is I have a character on Whitemane. Guild took a free transfer off to a server where I have characters of the opposite faction. Obviously I can’t play with them anymore. I’d like to move my character to a server where I have friends I can continue to play with. I already have characters there and play there, but it is on the restricted transfer list.

I have submitted a ticket and the response was the very generic ticket response that doesn’t actually help anyone but refers me to the forums to give feedback.

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Because Blizz has no idea what they’re doing or how their own game works.

Careful, the Blizz white knights will downvote and report you for saying things that make sense.

True, but allowing you to transfer your alts to Whitemane encourages you to keep playing there. That’s the opposite of Blizzard wants, which is to encourage players to choose another server.


I’d be transfer my alts OFF of whitemane to another one of the servers on the restricted list that is not currently having queues.


lol, he wants to leave whitemane. same thing for many on herod, they want to leave herod.

Oooooooohh, okay. Guess I misread your post.

Again, I hope I’m not misunderstood. I get why someone on on a medium pop or low pop server shouldn’t be allowed to transfer to a high-medium or high/full server. They isn’t helping reduce queues on a massive realm. However, If a person is already online and playing on restricted server xyz and they want to pay $25 to transfer their toon to restricted server xyz they’re already playing on it doesn’t increase the population lol. 1 Player, 1 toon regardless. Just missing out on some of my money I suppose. In time I am sure I will be able to once restrictions are lifted, hopefully.

I agree. You should be allowed to transfer a character to the realm if you have already leveled a character to the same level on the server.

I have a level 60 on Grobbulus and cannot transfer other level 60s to that realm; however, I believe I should be allowed to.

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we have been begging for this change : (

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Still no updates unfortunately.

My favorite part of any process I have had with in-game ticket submission is the fact that GMs are unable to give any sort of assistance it feels like. The answer I’ve got to all my tickets is to just come and post on the forums. Unfortunately, there is so much garbage on the forums it is impossible to get visibility or even an acknowledgement that your post has been seen and if it is being considered, shut down or approved.

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That is ONE definition of server population. That is “the total count of players who have at least 1 character on this realm”. True, the suggested rule change wouldn’t affect THAT.

But THAT is not what causes 5-hour queues to play the game. After all, players who have a character but aren’t playing this week do not make the queue longer.

So THAT is not what Blizzard has to restrict, to fight queues. And THAT is not what Blizzard restricts.

Because its not about restricting population. Its about restricting player hours utilizing that specific server’s resources. Say I have two characters that I play 4 hours a day, 2 each. One is on one server. One is on another. On each of those servers im using up 2 player hours of space out of 24xConcurrent user cap.

If I transfer, I will then be using 0 hours of server resources on my previous server but my player hour resource usage doubles on my destination server. So, same number of players, higher resource utilization.

Server transfer restrictions are the only thing keeping some of our higher pop servers playable. They should stay until more people quit.

So if a server has a gross over population one faction, say a 3-1 ratio of alliance to horde; you feel that it’s better to keep it that way than to allow some Horde characters to transfer in?

Thats a very valid question. Overpopulation and imbalance are both bad scenarios.

At some point one of them becomes more concerning than the other. I’m not sure what point that is for me.

I can say that Blizzard has been quite laid back about faction balance and appears to see queue times as a far more important issue than faction ratio.

you just don’t get why they suggest going to the forum. they want you to draw attention of players so blizzard can consider your ideas as being popular or not.

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This really is not some feature that Blizzard needs to gauge interest and popularity for… For me its cut and dry… If you have other characters on a server, perhaps above a certain level, you should be able to transfer into said server… I really don’t believe that it is necessary to limit transfers at this point in the phase cycle.

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Except that many of us disagree, and our money is worth just as much as others. In my case, more since I’m paying 5 accounts every month instead of just 1.

Dot, previously you ridiculed me for suggesting the ability to bring a character on my account to my server where I have two 60s. You justified this position by complaining about server slots.

Are you telling me you are spreading play across 5 accounts while trying to make this point?

it really doesn’t matter what you believe or not