Character Transfer Question


Can we move more than 1 toon off of the realm? I looked in the FAQs, but didn’t see an answer to this question. Thank you.


I don’t know. But you can make two dummy characters on different server (Kromcrush) and see if you can move both of them


I’m a little nervous to use the Free Character Transfer thing. Is it a one time use?


Yes, it is a one time use with no guarantee of them implementing paid transfers.

Edit: also depends on what you mean by one time use, there should be no restriction on the amount of characters you can move, but it is one way with no guarantee of them letting you transfer back.


Hmm. It doesn’t seem to say anything about being restricted to one toon (just you can’t then move the same toon again). No’s suggestion of making a dummy toon to move then seeing if you can still move another might be the way to work it out? Or ask in the transfer thread to see if anyone else has done it?


Can move as many as you want