Character Transfer Help

Hey, moving my alt over for friends. What do I need to know about server transfers? Specifically, do I lose all my gear, items, and gold or can I throw all my main’s gold onto this fella and move then over?

Also, how frequently can I move a char? I want to get my main on that server soon enough too.


Have a look at the Character Transfer Limitations page:

You’ll mostly want to note the restrictions to the amount of gold, e.g. 5000g for a character of level 50 or above.

Also that you will lose any honor gains for the week, so typically people who care about honor prefer to transfer just after reset.

There is a 90 day cooldown on paid transfers, but the free transfers that are sometimes available (currently for Whitemane, Faerlina, and Incendius) are not subject to that cooldown.

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how many characters can be transfered?

Fantastic answer! The free transfers only go to certain servers, correct?

Yes, that’s right!

You’re on fire! Last question, do those designated transfer servers ever change? I’m trying to get to Herod (;

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The time it took you to type that you couldve referenced the post made by Blizzard or any of the 100s of posts on this forum referencing it

Yes. There’s no guarantee that there will ever be free transfers from any server. There have been some in the past, and there are currently some. The ones available at the moment are from the 3 servers with apparently, the longest queue times.

There is no guarantee that the destination realms will continue to be the same destination realms tomorrow, or that there will continue to be free transfers tomorrow, for that matter.

Having said that though, it is unlikely that Herod will ever be a destination realm for free transfers, as historically, the destination realms tend to be the lowest population realms. For some reason this time, Netherwind (a medium population realm 4.5K+ active raiders) is one of the destination realms.

Paid transfers are available to any realm, with the normal restrictions, e.g. you cannot transfer from a PVE realm to a PVP realm. The reverse is Ok though.

It is a shame that my realm, Blaumeux, isn’t a destination for the transfers. I really have no complaints about the server. It has plenty of people actively playing. I have never had a queue to login.

I am sure that if enough people take the free transfers that their destination can be an enjoyable place to play.