Character Select Screen Non-Functional and Black

Yes. Exact same problem. It does show me the window if I choose to copy one of my LIve Characters, But when I try to copy one of those Nothing Happens. And the Character I created at lvl 1, which is lvl 5 now… Is invisible… And I keep getting Kicked out of the game every time I log on. This has been going on since last night. Many other people are complaining about this.

Same here. They’re probably aware of it. I’ll check back later and hope it’s resolved by then.

I just got my invite and was all excited to play. But I have the same issue - copy failed, can’t create a new char…frustrating

Don’t get too frustrated; it is beta. It will likely be fixed soon.


If it’s happening for you then it is happening for everyone in the game. Virtually impossible for it to be you alone. The character screen is obviously broken. Problem is the same problem they are going to have at launch. EVERY PERSON on the server is in the same zone which overloads the zone and crashes the game. Oh and the server is full because when I got booted originally and tried to log back in it said server full and I was put in a queue. Got in in a few seconds but full nonetheless. Unless they switch this game to allow you to start in any zone like you can in BFA the launch and the first few weeks after that will be totally unplayable until toons get spread out over multiple zones.

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I got my Invite yesterday and started a char an got to level 12. Today, I am seeing the Black screen, not able to select the character I made last night. No option to create a new character. I tried to copy a char and it failed. I went to the other available server, same issue. I tried the Live version, all good, no issues. Came back to Beta, still a black screen.

I’ve found myself staring at the character screen with it being non functional and black for a few minutes and then it just popped on to working mode. This has happened a couple of times since this morning and even when I get past the character screen I’ll either get stuck in loading or dc’d shortly after logging in. My guess is the servers might be a bit overwhelmed atm because they seemed to be working fine yesterday evening

There is a problem on the database side, which we are investigating and actively working to resolve. Apologies for the problems in the meantime. If you are running into this problem we would advise to waiting on the character selection/character loading screen instead of closing and re-opening constantly.


Hmm seems i am stuck on load screens then get messages saying character can not be found and it takes like 5 mins for my characters to even show right now guess ill go to work with out playing beta today!

Thanks Zorbrix,

Is it the same DB error that is causing the DC when you do try to log in, or is that a separate issue?

Yeah, the DB got into a bad state and that usually manifests as blank character selection screen, issues loading onto a character, and then trouble “saving” your character in-game like when you get loot, turn in a quest, etc.

We’ve made some initial fixes that seem to be helping, and we’ll continue to monitor and fix. If you were having problems earlier I’d recommend trying again now.


I can confirm i am now online and have completed a couple quests, which is better than the past few hours ,so looking good.

same here!!!

ty so much

After attempting to login during the problems mentioned above, the game says that “A character with that name already exists” when I try to log in to my only beta character, it won’t let me past the loading screen.

Same here, created another post about it, wasn’t sure it was related to this issue.

thank you!!

Have you gotten in yet? On my end I still can’t log onto that character

I am still having the problem can’t even see the character screen since it flashes to gray screen more than regular screen.

Came here to see what was going on today, and the Blue post was 6 days ago?!? All right, fair enough as I’m not having this issue on the Beta. I am having this issue on the PTR. Was the problem but not the fix copied to the PTR build?

I’d post about this on the PTR forums, but while I can post here, I cannot post there. But by the description of the problem, it’s the same one and we need the fix applied there.

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