Character Select Screen Non-Functional and Black

Is anyone else experiencing an inability to interact with their character select screen? It’s completely black (save the UI borders/buttons and the shadowlands logo). I can click on change realm and addons, but have no way to select a character and enter the world.


same issue here. Things seem overall, unstable for the past few hours.


same here nothing


That makes me feel better. I kept getting dc’d while doing the maw intro quest today and then this behavior started.

Same here screen is black and cant see “create character” button


Getting the same thing. I had been getting dc’ed all morning.

Yep. Was really slow earlier and taking forever to loot. Just got disconnected while trying to do the starting zone dungeon. Sad panda.

It was working fine earlier today… then got disconnected from server and when I went back in the character selection screen shows no characters, and no ability to make a new one. If you click Change Realm at the top, it does show a character count on the server… i.e. Listing shows “The Maw (2)”.

After an EXTREME amount of delay, one of two things seems to happen. Either the character screen populates with the existing characters and the create button, etc… or you get disconnected. If you do manage to get it to display the characters, it does seem to let you in and play, again just with an extreme delay at the loading page at about 75% progress on the bar followed by a disconnect saying “Character not found” and returns to the blank character screen


Same issue here, if you sit on the black screen for a while it loads everything in. Once you attempt to log in and sit at the loading screen for a while I get the error “Character Not Found” and booted back to the black screen.

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same issue as fuji outlined above: load into black screen, eventually brings up character, but can’t get past the blue load bar and returns to “character not found” error on the character selection screen

I was worried at first that they did another character wipe but I believe they’d notify before doing so.

Same issue, just keep getting a black screen, allows me to get to the menu to Copy over account information, but fails every time.

Yes. Exact same problem. It does show me the window if I choose to copy one of my LIve Characters, But when I try to copy one of those Nothing Happens. And the Character I created at lvl 1, which is lvl 5 now… Is invisible… And I keep getting Kicked out of the game every time I log on. This has been going on since last night. Many other people are complaining about this.

Same here. They’re probably aware of it. I’ll check back later and hope it’s resolved by then.

I just got my invite and was all excited to play. But I have the same issue - copy failed, can’t create a new char…frustrating

Don’t get too frustrated; it is beta. It will likely be fixed soon.


If it’s happening for you then it is happening for everyone in the game. Virtually impossible for it to be you alone. The character screen is obviously broken. Problem is the same problem they are going to have at launch. EVERY PERSON on the server is in the same zone which overloads the zone and crashes the game. Oh and the server is full because when I got booted originally and tried to log back in it said server full and I was put in a queue. Got in in a few seconds but full nonetheless. Unless they switch this game to allow you to start in any zone like you can in BFA the launch and the first few weeks after that will be totally unplayable until toons get spread out over multiple zones.

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I got my Invite yesterday and started a char an got to level 12. Today, I am seeing the Black screen, not able to select the character I made last night. No option to create a new character. I tried to copy a char and it failed. I went to the other available server, same issue. I tried the Live version, all good, no issues. Came back to Beta, still a black screen.

I’ve found myself staring at the character screen with it being non functional and black for a few minutes and then it just popped on to working mode. This has happened a couple of times since this morning and even when I get past the character screen I’ll either get stuck in loading or dc’d shortly after logging in. My guess is the servers might be a bit overwhelmed atm because they seemed to be working fine yesterday evening

There is a problem on the database side, which we are investigating and actively working to resolve. Apologies for the problems in the meantime. If you are running into this problem we would advise to waiting on the character selection/character loading screen instead of closing and re-opening constantly.