Character screen comes up, then when logging on, screen gets stuck, then says "world server down"

Ok, I had to log off for a bit, just came back and tried to get on, and now it shows the character screen, but the loading screen gets stuck and then the message “world server down” comes up, but it pops me back to the character screen again.

yeah servers are cracked, putting everyones $15/month to good use ya know

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Even if you’re in, the game is barely playable. You’re either stuck as a corpse or constantly teleported a mile back where you came from. While doing all this foolishness, you’re fed this gibberish: “Transfer Aborted: instance not found.” I don’t know what purpose this text, which they keep sending to me, is supposed to serve.

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Yep, now I finally got into the game, but can’t teleport or hearth anywhere at all.

Small indie company can’t keep its servers up. Give em a break guys.

Servers are dead