Character locked after name swap request

My character has been locked due to a name swap request. I loaded my bnet balance as requested, but now I can’t play my main on Maladath.

80 Paladin: Frankie
52 Warlock: Frank

Swapped names to:

Placeholder 60 Paladin name: Dhnerc and is locked
52 Warlock: Frankie

Intended result:

80 Paladin Name: Frank
52 Warlock Name: Frankie


Names are now the intended result, but my paladin is locked saying it’s still processing. It’s been that way since 7 am this morning.

If u have a option to reopen the original ticket with i still have a problem a GM can take a look at it.

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My paladin has been locked out for almost 48 hours now. I’ve missed out on 2 world tours, the ability to farm gold, and am closing in on not being able to turn in my nobles deck. I really don’t want to have to wait an entire month to turn it in when it’s already complete.

I am BEGGGGGGGGGGGGGING for this to get fixed lol. Ticket doesn’t get answered until graveyard hours, and even at that… they’ve been giving me a generic response of “just wait” and flagging it as resolved.

I don’t even care about the name swap anymore. At this point, just revert my names back to the original, and let me play again. I just… want to touch the grass of Grizzly Hills.

Your just gona have to wait on ur ticket im thinking this has gone to the dev lvl something must have gone wonky.

I know it just sucks. It’s going on exceeding 48 hours since the original request, and no communication on a resolution.

Sorry, Frankjustice, our staff are working to get to folks as quickly as they can, it’s been a bit… crazy and continues to pile. It looks like your ticket is in the right category so it shouldn’t be delayed in someone getting to you.


Day 5 and still not resolved. Haven’t received a response since Tuesday, and at that it was just “wait”.

Tuesday was two days ago. Most people aren’t getting their ticket’s first response until the 6-8th day. Posting here that it’s been X amount of days does not get your issue resolved any faster. Vrak told you the deal, but you’ll mark that he didn’t give you any estimated time - just that the system is a touch busy right now.

As soon as they can get to your issue again, they will hopefully get it resolved for you. Until then, it really is just a waiting game. I’m sorry there isn’t a better answer.