Character experience switched between characters

I have two WOW accounts. I played Shadowlands and stopped just before the Jailer raid was dropped. The Character I played in Shadowland is stuck in Battle for Azeroth at level 50. But, my other Character in the other account is now level 60? What is going on?

I have asked Blizz to check to Guild logs and see who was there? I don’t think they did, or could. There must be someway of showing which character actually played Shadowlands?

This is a weird corrupt Instance for my characters.


This isn’t anything we can help with in the returning player forum. We’re here to answer gameplay related questions that people might have, and are unable to access back end systems to look into that as we’re just players like you. There aren’t any blizzard employees that look in this forum either. For something like this, you’ll need to open a ticket.

That said, I’ve never seen an instance like this where the end result wasn’t that the person just kind of forgot which account they were playing on before. It happens more than you might think. Best of luck!

The only way anything could happen to your characters is if someone logged into the account, no member of your guild could do anything to the characters themselves except remove them from the guild.

It seems more likely that the level 50 and level 60 characters you looked at are the level they are because of character boosts getting used in the past. It’s possible that the “real” are still on the account, just on different realms and using the “change realm” button on the character screen will show you the other realms you have characters on.