Character Customization - We want more!

This would be more relevant to mogs and toys I suppose. Which I totally agree on, more mogs to represent culture and profession! (Which we are gettin a lot of now)

I feel like blizzard releases a toy then it becomes a mog when everyome uses it like the fire feral druid form. They just take an extreme amount of time

(Hope this isn’t against the rules of the CC forums pushing this back up to the top but I’ve got some options to add)

Making glasses/eyewear/certain masks a part of the customization options for all races (or potentially creating a new cosmetic category in game for these so we can mog glasses and a hat)

Separating the scarf on the Shako customization option on Dracthyr and making it it’s own customize option.
The ability to mix and match the different helms with the Shako Scarf if it gets separated from the hood.