Character Customization Feedback: Night Warrior Eye Color Change


I am making this post in case the eye color change on the PTR is not a bug.

I found on the PTR today that they changed the color of the night warrior eyes. The old version was much more blue, where as the new version is almost completely black.

I vastly preferred the blue version of the eye color that existed previously. It was very brilliant, striking, and really got me excited when i first saw it. I do not like the black version nearly as much.

Currently night elves have some of the fewest eye customization options in Shadowlands. Adding both the black and blue versions of these eyes would be a vastly superior option to replacing the blue version with the black version.

I really hope this feedback is seen as myself and many other players (such as those commenting on the wowhead article reporting on this) want to see both options available to players.


Agreed! I really, really liked the bluish one, seemed to go pretty well with the Ardenweald aesthetic as well… it was pretty good!

I mean, the darker one is not BAD, it’s just… different? It does seem like there’s enough distinction between them to warrant having both available to players… plus, night elves really could use more eye colours, especially when you compare their options to, say, Worgen, who seem to have FAR more.

For those who are unaware about the changes, I will try and link two images: One showcasing the old, blue eye, and another showcasing the new, black one:

^^^This is the blue one! It was available to us in the PTR up until today, and is now replaced by…

^^^this one, which is a greyish black!

I think both look nice, but they’re different enough to warrant both being a choice, and that’d make me and a lot of people really happy :slight_smile:


Yes! My preferences aside (and i really do love both colors too) the important thing here is why not add another option instead of taking one away and replacing it.

Including both options is definitely the best way to go about this change.


the darker one is what’s currently on live. i think them having the lighter blue was just a bug. but i’d be down for having both the darkest one and the more bright blue


I’m just gonna boop.

These colors are both gorgeous and I don’t see why we can’t have both.


Thank you for re-posting the images so people can see easily, and also for the boop!

I really do hope both become possible, would be such a shame to lose the blue one.


None of these options are the ones currently on live.

Edit: The ones on live are bluish at the very bottom, and is generally just lower resolution than either colours of this one.

The wowhead post about this change actually compares the black one with the live ones, btw :slight_smile:


Yeah, I just changed my nelf lowbie to the night warrior eyes on retail and hers are much darker.

I still, personally, prefer it over the dull grey eyes, but they’re all lovely options and frankly, I think the more options the better.

Edit: Here she is on Beta, looks much closer to the Live color, which is probably why they changed it. Still, all three are quite nice.


I must also boop this. I’ve been staring at these pictures for the last ten minutes and I still can’t decide which ones I like more. I wasn’t a huge fan of the original night warrior eyes, but this … this is art.


how i write before, i would like to get both Options!


I fail to see why Blizzard wouldn’t let us have all of these options. It doesn’t sound like a hard thing to do


Seriously Blizz, add the old blue color back. Let us have both options.


I’m not even sure why they went back and changed it after several patches, but if they want a different eye colour in, there’s no reason to not simply add it alongside the existing colour.


They had the bluer ones in the game and people complained they weren’t dark enough for the night warrior eyes. Blizz fixed it and now everyone wants both options. Void Elves want blonde hair. People want more tattoo options and want the other races to have as much customization as the humans. Blizz didn’t even have to update customization at all in this expansion, but they gave us more options and the forums light up with people wanting more or different from what they got. Humans get more because they are the most diverse and since we are humans in RL, there are nationalities to represent and thus a lot more features. This was one of Blizz’s main focuses on the new character options, and I doubt they will be deviating from what they’ve had planned all along aside from bug fixes or tweaking what they’ve already released or have always planned to release.

Yes. People like options.

Is all you do come onto posts where players give feedback and say “If Blizzard wanted to do this, they would have already?” Because that’s all I have seen you do so far.


For the mental health of a dear friend of mine, please Blizzard, :3


No reason not to have both, more options is rarely a bad thing.


I really hope Blizz with pay attention to this. No reason for taking away a choice you already designed. A lot of us really love the blue eyes, myself included and want them to still be am option. Thanks for sharing and pointing this out!


I don’t really care much for the eyes, either is fine, but I also think that there is no such thing as too much customization.

So let it flow, get them both.


This is the one time where it’s okay to back the blue