Character Creation Question

When you first created your character, did you choose a character that reflected your gender? Why or why not?

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yes, but shortly thereafter, i started making characters of both genders.
No particular reason not to.

Some races have overly large male characters that block the view. Other races have lousy animations or bad display of certain weapons/gear/abilities for one gender or the other. One gender may look better in some types of armor than the other gender.

Then there’s the character vibe. Female orcs look like women with attitude. They remind me of Lagertha from “Vikings”. Cross them and you are dead meat. Female gnomes seem like girls who would giggle as they disemboweled you and then look for someone else to disembowel. They remind me of Harley Quinn.


First first? My very very first character in WoW was Dwarf male Paladin, but I only leveled to 58 to create Night Elf Male Death Knight, which in fact was my first level 80!

Every since then, um, mogs > logs.

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I usually went with male characters when i first started but as time went on, its a good mix of both.

Certain races have much better looking character models as females for transmogs.

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All males. It felt dishonest to do otherwise … back then.
Now I have a couple of female characters and I love them.


My very first (long ago) was a dwarven male. I’m male, and wasn’t sure whether playing a female toon would feel sleazy. Turned out I needn’t have worried…

Later I made a human priest. I’m a writer, so character concepts that interest me drive my choices. The human male weghtlifter with the 24-inch guns really didn’t fit the priest I wanted to imagine. So I went with human female, and it didn’t feel sleazy or weird. It’s just a toon, affects nothing IRL, and was way more interesting to me than Ahnold-the-Priest. Never worried about my toons’ genders again, and now I have about an even mix of both.