Character Copy - Bugged after Intro to Shadowlands?

After completing the introduction questline and completing the Achievement “Into the Maw” … my character doesn’t receive the first quest in Oribos " Stranger in an Even Stranger land" … has anyone else encountered this?

This is on a character copy toon also.

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I’ve run into the same thing on 2 characters now. One was a copy character, the other was a template level 50 character. Both priests. My wife had no issues with the template level 50 Demon Hunter. I’m going to try with a different class.

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I’ve tried both warlock and rogue and encountering the same issue. I do hope it gets fixed soon.

I am also having this issue. It seems like the “alt experience” is turned on for any account that has had a level 60 on it. I created a template level 60 before copying my warlock over to level and now it seems impossible to run through the leveling experience proper. My wife has not created a level 60 yet so I think her beta account is still untainted.

On my main character copy:

After exiting the Maw, the “Stranger in a Strange Land” quest did not pop up (I didn’t even know about that quest until I saw this post). Instead I relogged and the quest “Tal-Inara’s Call” popped up to pick a covenant. I chose Necrolords and then it had me pick a zone to start in. I picked Bastion so I could go through the zones in the intended order. DO NOT DO THIS. After needing to drop/pick up the quest to go to Bastion five times because it kept glitching out before I could click the Bastion waygate, the leveling experience was permanently busted. When you get to the quest at Hero’s Rest that requires you to use “Summon Steward” to complete it, you will not have that ability because you joined another covenant. The quests that are supposed to teach you the abilities so you can try them out during leveling do nothing and the spells do not appear in your spellbook.

I went to Oribos to try switching covenants to resolve the issue. I switched to Kyrian and I still did not learn the abilities. I figured I would try swapping again and see if I could tickle it enough to give me the abilities to continue. I switched to Night Fae and then tried to switch back to Kyrian. DO NOT DO THIS When you leave a covenant and then try to switch back to it, the “Prove Your Worth” quest pops because they disliked that I left them after 30s of not having my abilities. That quest is not yet implemented. My lock is in a broken state and stuck after testing quests for five hours.

On a second character copy of my main:

Finished the maw intro, still no quest pop for “Stranger in a Strange Land”. Only “Tal-Inara’s Call”.

On a Bastion template character:

Logging in puts me in Bastion and “Tal-Inara’s Call” pops in my quest log.

On a Bastion template character on my wife’s account:

Logging in puts me in Bastion and the “Tal-Inara’s Call” quest does not appear in the log. I suspect if we created a L50 template or copied her main over, she would get the “Stranger in a Strange Land” quest.

It appears the “alt experience” is not at all working. I hope they provide a way to “reset” our beta accounts so they no longer have the alt experience activated, or fix the quest issue soon.


EXACTLY what i was experiencing. It is recognising the account as if you leveled the lvl 60 toon already and not providing the character copy’ the chance to have an organic leveling experience. Fingers crossed they fix this soon!

In the meantime though, something that has worked for me - switch to another realm (in my case Oribos) where i had not created a toon yet - created the character copy and bingo - it worked :slight_smile:

I ran into this exact issue. Thanks for the detailed write-up. Blizzard definitely needs to have a look at quests that require you to use a covenant ability given by the zone since that will not work with an alt experience. I’ve been told that Ardenweald and Revendreth have similar problems.

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