Chaos bolt!

Please next expansion make chaos bolt an actual chaos bolt like it was in mop or wod, like holy **** they felt good! with no borrowed power that enhance it


yeah, i have a geared mm hunter and warlock, chaos hitting like 16k but my mm can hit 16k non crit aimed shots lmao


We always hold out for the future for them to remove borrowed power but pretty sure they go deeper into it every xpac and there is no hope.

Here’s to hoping demo doesn’t end up completely remade once again…


All I want is a blood red version of Chaos Bolt that is like the color Sargeras’ Sword.


If you aren’t necrolord with cinders I dunno what you doing

+1 to this.

I would love to a full hellfire themed kit.
Since Destro is just a more fun, smooth flowing class compared to Fire Mage.


Unfortunately this will never happen because of the Havoc tax.

Havoc tax?

Cb+ talents/legendary and 2 set proc is pretty beefy

Destro niche is 2-3 target cleave. Buffing Chaos Bolt when we can duplicate it on another enemy will make our damage beyond broken in these instances as Havoc is on a relatively short CD - hence the Havoc tax.

Couldn’t you avoid this by putting a damage coefficient on the havoc target?

I’ve suggested this before but it just makes sense. Every time someone suggests buffing chaos bolt damage, the reasoning against it is havoc.
Make cataclysm baseline, make havoc a talent & add a new talent on the same row which buffs chaos bolt damage by 10-20%.

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Madness you mean.

The madness leggo is awesome and all, but holy hell does it feel awful unless you have a ton of haste/don’t have to move at all.

On a few fights, I just said screw it and opted to use Wilfreds single target because the quality of life is much higher

Feel the same way. I used to love Destro because those insane burst Chaos Bolt, but now…


necrolords don’t run cinders lmao wtf

Havoc needs to be removed from the game. It’s been a cancer eating away at the core of destruction warlock gameplay since it was introduced. It’s be primary cause for all the issues with our damage tuning.


removing havoc means you need to redesign destro from the ground up with a brand new identity - because the core of destro is spread cleave

It’s only been that way since they forced havoc on us. It used to be the premiere warlock ST spec, and was that way for longer than it’s been “spread cleave”. And it’s been nothing but a problem since being that way, it either gets tuned up to much(ie SoO), or down to much.


lol go to the arena forums and tell the cringelords there claiming nonstop 35k to 50k chaos bolts. I tried to tell them its not true but nobody listens or posts photos with extraordinary circumstances