<Channel Five News Teams> - 4/10M 10/10H AOTC Now recruiting for mythic

We are a cutting edge experienced group of raiders who came together this expansion with hopes of pushing back into mythic. A great community of players who like to run high keys and do some pvp on the side. Current needs are as followed.

Range DPS

Obviously exceptional dps or heals feel free to contact as well. Always looking to add well-rounded players. These are just specific needs. You can either contact me here or in game Bnet- Fritoss#11542. Raid days/times are Wednesday and Friday from 9pm est-12 midnight. Look forward to hearing from you!

Bump bump bump bump it up

Still looking for some solid players to add to the roster. Looking for dedicated raiders who are serious about mythic progression.

Mythic is easy, get in here and lets kill bodies

Easy Free loooot

Now 2/10M and AOTC. Looking for a select few to round out the mythic roster!

Big ole bump. Updated current needs, Xymox dies tonight!

With Xymox dead we’re looking ahead to Sun King and Hungering! Come join us on our journey! Looking for some solid dps to round out the rest of our roster.

bumpity bump, looking still for a few dps. Working on hungering and sun king this week! Come be a part of something great!

Bump! Sun King almost dead this week. Looking to round off the roster with a few solid dps!

big ole bump. Just need a few people to completely fill the rest of the roster! Updated our needs.

Updated our current needs! looking for only one or two solid dps.

Hungering now down! Inerva down to 17% after one night. Soon to follow. Come join us on our way to getting CE!

Indeed! big time bump, come join the fun!

When is your raidtimes?

Wednesday and Fridays from 9pm est-12 midnight

Updated needs! looking for a couple of people who are reliable and are looking to progress! If you think you fit those two things then reach out to us!

Needs are updated :slight_smile: please apply if youre a reliable raider and are looking to give it your all for progression raiding!

Updated our needs, looking for a great and reliable healer! Possibly one solid dps. Come check us out :slight_smile:

big ole bump to the top =D looking to add one or two ranged dps to add to the roster. Reach out here or in game to chat!