Changing windows settings

Thank you so much for the config tweak. It works, and is much appreciated!
Windows 7 lives on still! =D

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Thank You )

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thank you very much this completely fixes my screen tearing issues.


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Thanks much for the config option, lets those who want opt in.

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Thank you.


I had the same issue, Win 7 but directx 11, this fix worked for me anyway

Thanks, working great!

The SET ForceAllowAero is not in my WTF folder. Has this changed?

Hi Necronos

Go ahead and place that line in your config folder at bottom of list. Then save changes. Exactly like it is here:

SET ForceAllowAero “1”

(There is a space after the SET and after Aero)

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Ty so much…I wonder how you discovered this fix?

Hey, this worked the first time I tried it. After restarting my comp, it still crashes. Set forceallowaero 1 is still in that file. Any suggestions?

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