Changing the Queen Azshara Fight Tomorrow

Update: This hotfix went live at 10:40 a.m. PDT

We have a hotfix in testing that we intend to apply to change the Queen Azshara encounter tomorrow morning (PDT):

  • Queen Azshara’s minions Berserk at the beginning of Phase 4 of the encounter on Mythic difficulty. Phase 3 now ends automatically after 3 minutes (was 2 minutes).

We’ll confirm when the hotfix is ready and going live tomorrow morning.


Cool. Ruin Limit’s hard earned lead by making it unkillable and unprogressable for 3 days while Method catches up, THEN nerf it


Something about this change happening after Limit spent so long progressing on it feels like a HUGE slap in the face to them. I can’t say I’m overly impressed by how many hotfixes this boss requires to be even remotely killable.


Way to cater to method trying to brute force a kill


It’s not even about the strat they don’t want to be used. It’s how long they let Limit stay on a broken fight. If they fixed it immediately, Limit could’ve maintained their lead in the race and gone to a different strategy.

Instead, they let them wipe and wipe and wipe while Method catches up and then nerf it after Limit invested three days of progression trying to strategize for it the way it was.

How they handled this killed any semblance of a lead Limit had and earned.


Should’ve had no nerfs until someone got the WF kill. With more gear and AP it’ll naturally get easier. What happened to leaving bosses as-is for months and giving the community a fighting chance at them? Sad to nerf it after only 2 weeks. Bosses don’t have to go down so quickly.


Or you could leave the fight alone until it has been killed. Past that, change it on reset day, not at a dart board time.


finally something that will advantage EU, NA and their 1 day headstart deserve this


This reminds me alot of jaina. Limits on it doing prog then a buff comes out while they wre on dinner break. Method gets to jaina gets to same point in prog and changes reverted. When are the devs gonna unsub from sco’s twitch


fix it on live, it’s the most fair thing for the 2 guilds … but they ruin Limit giving Method the advantage at this point


I don’t think people are actually paying attention… you are completely wrong. As of right now the race is as follows:

Limit: “60% with 2/3 adds dead”
Method: “59.2 % and 2 adds down on Pull #191

Limit had a 16 hour head start and they are still behind prior to this nerf going into effect.



Didn’t realize starting with a 24 hour advantage was hard earned.


the headstart just means they run into all the bugs, which is why Limit was on Ashvane for so long. The bubbles were going through the floor lmao

Method got to Za’qul first because of it. Limit passed them because they played that boss better and they were ahead on Azshara because they were playing it better as well.

Taking three whole days to realize the fight is unkillable is ridiculous.


You realize that this happens almost every tier on at least one boss right? The common meme has always been that US does the testing so the bugs are fixed for EU. That lead has often meant VERY LITTLE in just about any progression race because there is always something that’s broken/mistuned that takes that entire lead and throws it away.

That said, It would be nice to see a global launched race one day.


Limit was at 49% three days ago and 59% with 2 adds dead two days ago. Method JUST got there.

The 16 hour head start means absolutely nothing when they ran into the bugs they ran into. Method was ahead of them and got to Za’qul first. Limit has played the last two bosses better and gained a lead.

The amount of pulls doesn’t matter. Method copy pasted Limit’s strategy using their exact world marker locations. Method also takes a lot longer in between pulls so their pull count is always lower.


That 49% is a brute force strategy to push further into the fight by ignoring the adds. They killed no adds to get to 49%.

49% with 0 adds dead is actually less progress than 60% with 2 adds dead.


The entire point is that they hit both markers DAYS ago, well before Method could despite them mimicking Limit’s strategies… Method JUST got there, but you are acting like them both being at the same spot now means they were on equal footings.

The only reason they are both in the same spot is because this nerf didn’t happen sooner, it happened after Limit was stuck on an unkillable boss for three days.

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You guys should try hotfixing your company and testing your own products instead of relying on players that pay you to play your game to test it for you.

Having to increase something like a mid-fight enrage timer from 2 minutes to 3 minutes is absolutely insane and clearly shows that you guys have nearly no clue what’s going on. This is going to screw over a top guild competing for world first. It could be Limit that gets screwed, it could be Method, it could be someone else, but it’ll solely depend on the exact time that you release the hotfix. They are all trying to and some are succeeding at making this their full time job. I know that doesn’t mean a damn thing to you guys at face value because it’s your IP and you can’t be bothered with other people making a living off of it, but THEY are the reason that your game is thriving right now. Without them, it would continue to die.

If this goes live and changes the current trajectory of the world first race, you can consider me unsubbed for good.


The biggest difference is Limit is legit trying to do the boss as designed, while method is trying to 2 heal it and just zerg tf out of every boss they can. IDK about other ppl but i dont wanna just see a speed run of a boss if i wanted to watch that id watch m+ streams

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well, at this point, nothing disadvantage limit and NA guild either, they can just stop now, rest and get on when the patch will go live, you want that world first? work for it

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