Changes to Purchasable Game Time Options

It’s patently obvious why this change was made - it’s to swipe an extra $15 from players who would otherwise get bored and leave before even 30 days was up. This has exactly ZERO positive customer affect, it’s entirely greed based to help pay off that $200 million you gave away while firing the hard working employees who keep this show running, even in the sorry state it’s in right now.

Instead of trying to rip off your player base, how about you actually provide a product that people will enjoy playing for two months. Just a thought.


Christ Blizzard… you can EASILY afford to do better and show more respect to your customers and their time. Stop jerking us around and DO BETTER.

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Well this is a stupid change.


Well I just told you that my newest debit card doesn’t have any credit association and I can’t use it without a pin. So there you go - one person who doesn’t have that option. Also “everyone I know” is just confirmation bias.

Also, some banks may restrict access to use as a credit card. I don’t use my debit card enough to worry about it’s lack of a credit function, but I know that I’m not everyone.


Christ Blizzard, you can EASILY afford to do better and show more respect to your customers and their time. Stop jerking us around and DO BETTER

The pricing for the purchase of both WoW subscriptions and WoW Tokens are not impacted here. Details and both of these options can be found here:

This change is specifically in regards to game time which is a separate item and can be found here:

If you don’t have $30 for a video game then its time you check your priorities.

We. Know. This.

There isn’t confusion. You just don’t like what players are saying.


Unless the service you’re using to process transactions is changing their charging schema, all it is are ones and zeros.
There is NO difference between a 30 day game time option for your account or a gift, than a sub, other than the fact that a sub would involve cancelling.
Plus if you’re gifting time to another person with the new setup, where does your card info stay?
That’s right, THEIR account.

This is a bad move, period.


except they dont, there is a reason why there is multiple blueposts being made specifying.

you can still buy 30 day subs, so no they are not “swiping people who would normally only buy 30 days”

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Just telling you guys now, go back or you will lose a lot more people. trust me people in my guild already want to quit cuz of this

this is a super scummy move. i dont use credit card online so i use bnet balance since i can easily buy bnet balance at a local store. now i can’t get the 180 day deal: as a canadian, i am paying 22 bucks a friggin month now. thats bs, man.


except there is obviously confusion… he literally responded to the people who are confused.

There are no new game contents been added after Shadowland published after 6 months or longer, and you guys canceling the 30 days subscription? My thought is Blizzard needs the money, and here is how you guys do “We are not going make the game better or adding new content, but we don’t want to lose any player, so we force you guys to pay 60 days sub”. Good job, Blizzard.


Please revert the change.


I think they should bold or otherwise emphasize that this isn’t affecting subs. It would help cut down on the confusion.

??? No it does not, if you gift sub time the card info stays on your account not theirs.

I would like to point out if you are doing what you are implying you are doing, logging into another players account to enter your credit card info, that is against the TOS.

This is correct. The subscription options are unchanged here on the Shop:

The change mentioned in the original post only impacts the Game Time option found here: