Changes to Molten Core and Onyxia in Season of Mastery Beta


First, thank you to everyone who hopped on the Season of Mastery Beta last week and helped us test out our first adjustments to Molten Core and Onyxia.

Going into Season of Mastery, our philosophy was to take a light touch when it came to changes to raid bosses and mechanics, and focus instead on restoring versions of raid bosses that existed in the game at one point or another during the course of original World of Warcraft. As we were peeling back the layers of data from early versions of the game, it became obvious quickly that the list of actual changes to most content in Molten Core and Onyxia was extremely short. Onyxia had a conflagrate/disorient effect on her Fireball attack during the air phase, Golemagg had an Earthquake ability, and Ragnaros did a fire splash more frequently, with a weekly timer to limit the number of attempts a group could make.

Some of these mechanics are more impactful than others, but overall, we suspected that the total impact of the changes would likely not be meaningfully felt by players in 2021 who have an enormous amount of experience in these raids.

Regardless, we were determined to start small and see how it felt first. So for that first round of Beta raid testing, we went with a blanket 100% health buff and that handful of restored mechanics. As we watched Beta testers in-game and listened to the reactions to our changes and restorations, it confirmed what we already thought going into this test – merely raising mob health and restoring a few removed mechanics was not hitting the mark we wanted for a season focused on faster progression and “more challenging” content.

As a result, with the next upcoming Beta build, we’re making some significant adjustments to almost every encounter in Molten Core and Onyxia’s Lair.

To be clear, we don’t intend these or any future changes we make to Season of Mastery raid encounters to increase the difficulty of the content to a point where experienced, prepared raid groups will have to wipe for days or weeks to progress on it. We also don’t intend to change the fights so much that they become completely unrecognizable or fundamentally different from their Classic versions. Our intent is to provide something subtle and fresh to go along with the Season of Mastery that feels very much in keeping with the spirit of the original encounters.

We’ll let you know when we’re ready to update the Season of Mastery Beta, and we’re going to open raid testing again on Thursday at 2:00 p.m. PDT, and we’d love it if you could join us to check out what we’ve been working on.

As always, don’t hesitate to let us know what you think, and please use the in-game bug reporter (default hotkey: F6) to report any bugs you encounter.

Thank you!

-The WoW Classic Team



  • MP5 formula revamp for: Feral Cat, Moonkin, Ret, Shadow/Smite, Enh/Ele.

  • Consider Spirit = hit for them, too.

  • Add Pet Avoidance for hunters and locks.

Really looking forward to the “significant adjustments” to difficulty though!


Awesome news. Thank you for your efforts. This is exciting.


Can we get a release date soon so we can book our time off work. :wink:


give that Ranaros guy some legs!!


Awesome!!! Thanks for the update! Can’t wait for SoM!


So will you change anything besides raid stuff? I haven’t seen anything else.

what about mythic dungeons and just normal world stuff?


mythic dungeons? I think you’re in the wrong section of the forums.


This is great, excited to try these new mechanics out! Please just make MC much much harder.


Awesome! We really do appreciate these types of updates and it helps get the word out there for more testers to come in and help give you all some great feedback.

There was speculation from others about simply adding those raid mechanics back, that it wouldn’t be enough and some were even wondering what those removed mechanics even were because people didn’t recall them being “that” devastating. So this is good to hear that you reviewed all this and want to add a bit more.

Looking forward to it!


Honestly I don’t think many would care if you changed the mechanics around a bit. This is great news! I am excited to see what changes you all go with and I am down for new ones too even.

There is a running theme from some of the nochanges folk here that says they don’t trust you guys to make changes or a new game, but I am seeing a whole different scene here.

Let’s put the Kaivax team to work on WoW 2!!

wait so we’re getting legitimate changes now? Hoooooly


I’d love heroic versions of BRD, LBRS/UBRS, and Heroic Dire Maul. lol


If the goal is faster progression and more challenging content how about cheaper or changed respec system?

… please? :slight_smile:


Good decision.
Also dont increase trash mob health. That just increases the time it takes and bores you to death.

For Rag just change it to % to submerge. Do it twice once at 65 and again at 35 or something like that.

For ony make the whelps a problem. They always seemed to be in the original. Now they not even a nuisance.

Just my 2 cents.


I 150% agree with you The problem is Depending on who you ask how-do-you-do that right because most people don’t want classes from another expansion even if those problems are all fixed.

They want blizzard to figure out a way To do it with classic classes which is just really difficult.

That’s why I keep saying They should give us wrath talents and spells With 60 talent points/ cata talents and spells

Although when I look at the way things are Maybe it would just be better If they gave us tbc prepatch

And just not put the epic gear In the game until aq40

the only problem what that is it kind of It changes itemization too much And then by default everybody’s going to want to play hoard.

And if you don’t believe me on that well you only have to look at tbcc Is to see proof of that.

Because the problem is if you don’t buff meme specs enough it’s not going to do anything.

Is ended be a lot easier design mides for blizzard just to go this is finished we know it works so it works so why would we bother.

Literally have to redesign Because that’s what it would be that don’t like let’s not kid ourselves literally.

Shadow,ret,prot,Druid, Elemental, Enhancement, warlock, Hunter,

Or they could just look well We know these are done This and it would be a lot easier to put this in instead of.

Trying to remake certain specs into a certain degree classes literally from scratch they don’t have the time or resources to do that.

We’ve seen proof of this So that’s why I always give to the suggestions that I give

good job blizz knocking these out of the park so far. Any chance on fixing the AH bots while you’re at it? or simply to make it so once a bid has been live for longer than 10-30 mins it cant be taken down? its an extremely toxic place in the auction house with hundreds of 1g-1c posts flood the pages hoping people accidently buyout an item. and cancel any time you bid on a item.

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Excellent! Thank you for listening!

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Their philosophy for SoM is what it is. But they’re going to learn making Vanilla Hardcore is a recipe for a mass exodus. The amount of players who want that extra challenge is very, very, very small.

The much better approach would be to make class changes to make more specs viable. Not optimal or competing with the meta picks, but at least…playable. Some specs are pointless to even attempt as they go OOM insanely fast and you’re left standing there twiddling your thumbs. Or are so far below in dps and lacking in any other compensation that they’re a complete detriment. So it would only take a few small tweaks to change that. Adding utility, little changes to mana regen or unique buffs and debuffs.

But they’re not doing any of that. They’re just adding hp and maybe a mechanic or two. Who is that going to attract? Players who want to play a broader range of specs have no reason to try SoM.

This is not going to end well.


uh no? This is not suppose to be classic/vanilla wow. sorry to burst your bubble.