Changes to Death Knight Character Creation Restrictions Coming - Week of March 20th

Leveling a char through the 60s in Outland this week and noticed a bunch of dks with nonsense names questing. Followed some for a bit and they didn’t appear to be botting. I guess they have to actually play the game! For now…

tens of thousands per week? Yeah sure. I report every day bots and I used to get mails saying that they were taken care of. But the last few months ? nothing. not one in game mail saying its been dealt with.


i’m sure they did. I dont think they cared. They took FOREVER to do something about it. There has been bot threads on the forums for literally 4 months. Radio silence until now. It’s pathetic.


Please-- never hesitate to report suspected cheating such as buying and selling gold for real money

Thats like pretty much every gdkp run :smile:

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funny how anyone with a brain saw this as an issue before launch

blizzard are a joke these days


Direct buff to Blizzard’s wallet.
Now the botters will just purchase a character boost before making their death knights lol


Stop doing that, stop making changes based on feels.


Do you guys ever not whine about anything? My god just sit down


Blizz does something about bots


it’s about time honestly

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This isn’t really them doing much of anything though. If they really wanted to try and combat bots, they could hire part-time GMs that would easily help get rid of a large amount of botting problems, but they’re more focused on making it so that the botters now have to buy a character boost before they can start DK botting now. (which means more money for blizz lol)


anyone with a braincell saw that instant DK was a botters paradise before they released it.

why should we praise them for reverting a brain dead decision?


It’s not:

I’ll be honest this needs to be a huge wake up call to whoever can get more resources for classic. If you have had to ban over 100 thousand more accounts than you normally do…your ban waves might not be doing the job.

Also lets be clear, this wouldnt have even gotten done if people were not endlessly posting clips and forum threads of OBVIOUS botting getting out of hand. It really does feel like no one is looking at classic sometimes. I know you yourself seem to be passionate about the project and the community players I know that have spoken to you echo this statement about you, but whoever is in charge of policing the game is doing a terrible job.


these DK accounts pay ~3 bucks an account using south American accounts due to the low price of a sub down there

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Oh man, I remember the $3 accounts, I had so many ranker friends in Classic who used those for pool boosting and the like (most people probably have no clue what I’m talking about but whatever) and I knew another guy who used them for his summoner accounts. I’m sure those accounts were botted to hell and back too.

I don’t think that’s a thing anymore though it got changed at some point. Actually, maybe you’re right if it’s done locally.

you mean that thing people said would happen happened


Amazing step back in the right direction ty blizz :slight_smile:

Too little too late for me personally. Step in the right direction, but would still rather stay unsubbed. WTG to those that continue to play.

Too slow. Too little. To late. You (as a company) are underperforming. Do better.