Changes to Consumables in Unrated Battlegrounds with Season 3

You mean they like the hunter fest that is randoms at the moment?

Randal, is that you? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice to see a pvp forum post get their attention. Thanks Torturekilla.

Anyway, great changes.

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idk how being a solo player relates to consumable usages in unrated bg…If anything, this seems like a justification for unrestricting the premade group size limit.


Can this please please happen in heroics and delves and lfr. This is amazing, helps engineers with economy and also makes these areas feel less dead.

Delete every consumable from PVP. It nerfs new players. It makes me not want to pvp. I don’t want to farm pve just to pvp. If you want universal talents do what league of legends does and just let us pick 2 abilities from a universal pool of 10 or something. I’m not going to buy gold to keep up with other players, I’m just going to leave the game. You’re adding way too much pay to win to pvp. Remove crafted gear from pvp. Give us rated epic battlegrounds that solo players can que into, stop wasting all my sub money on doa content.


Blizzard is telling casuals/solo bg players that bg blitz is the game mode for them. They want unrated bgs to be more like war mode aka pure terrorism


The consumables will cost either Honor or Bloody Tokens, from tomorrow. So you won’t have to go anywhere near wPvP or PvE if you don’t want to.

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but what are the durations on Energized Temporal Spores and Gritty Stone Potion and Curious Primordial Fungus ?

Vials, potions, banners, gliders, eng, and like 40,000 other things that aren’t usually acquired through pvp or inside the bg are all necessary if you don’t want to get deleted. How does enchanting determine who is the better player? It doesn’t, it just makes a certain percent of the playerbase feel the need to spend money on a wow token because they don’t have the time to farm 20/40,000 gold.

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Man, haven’t seen that in a while!

You can buy gliders with Marks of Honor, inside most BGs. There is also a vendor in Dalaran who sells them, also for Marks of Honor.

The banners are one time purchase, also with Marks.

Yes, other things cost gold, but sometimes that’s the price you have to pay. And you’ve had to pay it, since the beginning. Nothing about that has changed, and you’re still here.

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Probably intentional to give the super sunk costed 20 year vets an ego boost so they go out and buy another store item at this point. I wouldn’t put that kind of thing past the system designers.

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It’s ok wod was your fist xpack. shhhhh

Thank you for watching and listening, it is appreciated


Gross. Now random BGs are all about people being sweaty and premading with all the consumables too giving them a bigger advantage. This is why no one plays it anymore.


Sir, thank you for communicating with the forums and trying to improve the PvP experience but I have to agree with the people that disagree with this change. Power differences are too great and this will widen them, just a solo queue scrub’s perspective.



Anything rated, especially when this is a ‘brawl’ currently and doesn’t give much will never be particularly ‘casual’ friendly. They should’ve just added a brawl that lets people use whatever consumables and was slotted for premade vs premade, not random bgs which people are forced to use to gear.

Even Wpvp seems too obnoxious to take part in because of all the buffs and consumables, warmode is pretty dead on RP shards for that reason.


That’s a nice list, but the devs seem to have forgotten/left out these “consumable” flag items with this hotfix:

  • Battle Flag: Rallying Swiftness
  • Battle Flag: Phalanx Defense
  • Battle Flag: Spirit of Freedom

Are there any plans to make these consumable battle flags usable in every casual BG map instead of just “some” of them?

For example, I notice these consumable battle flags can’t be used in the following maps (…for some strange reason):

  • pretty much all of the “Brawls” (outside of maybe Deepwind Dunk and Southshore vs Tarren Mill)
  • they don’t work in the “remastered” HD Arathi Basin
  • they don’t work in the “remastered” HD Warsong Gulch
  • they don’t work in the “remastered” HD Deepwind Gorge

I may have missed a map, but you get the idea

Clearly there is something “under the hood” in these newer/remastered maps (and a lot of the Brawls) that somehow causes the consumable flags to not “recognize” the map/zone as being a battleground or something… because when you try to use them in said maps some sort of “you are in the wrong zone” error message appears on the screen

Anyways, I’m a fan/heavy user of these consumable flag items so it would be nice if these hidden kinks/coding problems under the hood could get worked out or hotfixed so these flags could be used in whatever random BG happens to pop - not just “some” of them

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