Changes to Consumables in Unrated Battlegrounds with Season 3

…These are absolutely terrible changes, for the most part. What on earth?

Making WPvP consumables more easily acquirable and stackable – that’s great. Good job!

Standardizing their cooldowns to 5 minutes, though? That’s an enormous downgrade. Making the damage-oriented items useable in BGs? Completely unnecessary; BGs already have Saltwater Potions.

Literally all that was needed was the make the WPvP consumables easier to purchase / stack. No changes needed to be made to which were useable in BGs, or their cooldowns, except maybe slightly increasing foggers’ CD.


I’m happy to eat the CD. It’s better than 100 BT for a stack of 5.


It’s really not, especially if said CD is now shared between them all as might be implied.

“Every time I enter a battleground, it clears my Flasks&Phials buffs and Food buffs. Please Fix This.”

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That just means that you need to choose when to use them.

Rather than just everyone using everything all the time.

They’ve become strategic.


Pretty much most of the BG forum regulars (…and especially the premader posters) use PvP consumables extensively and basically every day

wPvP is mostly dead outside of the start of seasons or people doing a one-time weekly quest, no reason why consumables should be made “exclusive” to it when the content itself (wPvP) is dead most of the time - seems like a waste of these fun/cheesey items if almost no one uses them due to being made “wPvP only” (mostly dead content)

On the other hand, casual/random BGs are true evergreen content in that they stay fairly active even during content droughts (since there’s not much going on in the rest of the game). Spicing things up with having some more PvP consumables sprinkled into the casual sandbox of random BGs is fine, the changes made here are good

(1) WPvP isn’t dead like you’re implying. I often farm thousands of tokens in a day, usually alone or duo.

(2) I wasn’t advocating for the more interesting consumables (e.g. foggers, dragon fruit, truffle) not to continue to be useable in BGs.

What I discouraged was making the damage-oriented consumables useable in BGs, because BGs already have Saltwater Potions fulfilling the same niche, meaning the WPvP consumables will either be redundant (if shared CD) or make BGs more miserable for everyone with increased burst (if unshared CD).

(3) “Standardizing” the items’ cooldowns to 5 minutes is an enormous nerf to their intended WPvP purpose. Keep in mind currently foggers have a 10 second CD, and dragon fruit has a 1m30s CD. And if they’re now a shared 5 minute CD to boot, then they’re functionally useless now – all that new convenience wasted.

IMO, these items detract from the random bg experience. They should not be usable inside instanced PvP.

They’re anti-fun, especially for players who don’t have them or don’t know about them. They add another layer of “WTH was that?!” when a player does something that’s not part of their normal class kit.

Random bgs aren’t supposed to be battle of the premades and all their consumables. More casual pugs will be driven away from PvP.

If you guys think these items are fun and enjoyable to play against, you should allow their use in Battleground Blitz and rated PvP.


Lol, this word is very misplaced. Legitimately casual players are victims of consumables, not enthusiasts. But the OP is correct in saying that casuals now have access to modes that are solo queueable, no consumables allowed and have MMR for a reasonable expectation of fair matchmaking. So they want to spice up unrated BGs by making them more like an instanced version of war mode. They may as well go all-out and increase the premade group size to 10 for normals and 35 for epics (because Ashran).

Ever ask yourself why wpvp is dead?

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The changes literally make it easier to get the consumables in question… honor points are very easy to get, and I’m assuming most posters on this board already have plenty of honor points stashed in the background

As for “not knowing” about certain items, that’s not really the dev’s problem, that’s more on the players tbh. The game is almost 20 years old at this point… if you don’t know about common consumables such as goblin gliders and such by now, that’s on you

Same goes for not knowing basic BG objectives after almost 20 years, but that’s a different topic

It is, actually, if they want people to be doing the content. If they want to see participation drop, then go for it. WPvP is dead because you basically have to - do a ‘daily’ only to the third part to keep it active for a food buff. (It doesn’t even mark itself as a daily, just a regular quest. That re-populates… daily.) and go to various vendors to FIND these items instead of idk having all the PvP related items on one or two vendors right next to each other.

The ones that are completely different in the new mode, convenient isn’t it? Which is why the new mode is NOT casual anyways.

Hey y’all,

I don’t think I have ever posted here. Been playing awhile, have Bloodthirsty.

Mostly, I do casual content, gear with random bg pvp gear, and solo q for epic bgs on a couple, few toons… I have fun win or lose, usually. I use healing potions as my consumable…my alchemist makes them.

Opening random BGs to these other consumables will make them less fun for the average player, and more fun for the rofl-stomp-em-into-the-ground premade peeps. In the long run, for randoms, it is a bad idea and will, I suspect, lower over all participation. If I had to guess, the changes will get reverted sooner rather than later. But we’ll see.

All that said, I support the consumables in wpvp. I don’t mind getting blown up in wpvp by some clever player. It happens enough. But, even there, I just use my healing potions, class abilities, and random bg gear.

TLDR: This is a bad change.


“Now that there’s a much narrower gap in power disparity between players”… we want to fix that by enabling consumables…


Yeah Im a bit iffy on this one… Does this mean Pest Fogger is also on a 5 minute cooldown now or…? Hell I wouldn’t even mind a 45 sec cooldown on Pest Fogger or something, but 5 minutes is overkill if this is the case.

Blizzard, if anything, I don’t mind the 5 minute cooldown on these but so long as that 5 minute cooldown only applies to battlegrounds. Keep them at their original cooldown in WPvP atleast.

Is the expectation that random bg players will have these consumables now?

If Blizzard thinks these items are fun and enjoyable to play against, they should allow their use in Battleground Blitz and rated PvP.


Thank you TortureKiller for posting that thread…it’s unfortunate the little mad goats mass flagged you and got you silenced…that’s what mad little goats do after all…


It doesn’t need to be exclusive. While I don’t mind these consumables being now usable in BGs, I don’t like that it comes at a cost to the WPvP scene by putting most of these on a 5 minute cooldown.

What are you on about? Man, no wonder the devs are clueless — they have players like you feeding them misinformation.

War Mode isn’t even dead and you don’t need to do any “daily.” The buffs you’re talking about is Ruby Feast, it’s a series of quests, it’s a questline. Each quest in the series can only be completed once a day, similar to the Whelping Daycare. When you complete one, you get a new set of buffs at the table. If you like the ones you got, you’re done, you don’t need to do anything else. No daily or anything. Just done. If you decide for some reason to continue doing the questline until you’re completely done, the buffs are put on a rotation and change every day. No one’s gonna do that though and will instead stick to the buffs that are perfect for them.

Various vendors? You only go to one vendor, and that’s the WPvP vendor who sells all of these consumables for Bloody Tokens (now being sold tomorrow at the Honor vendor as well for Honor.)

That’s literally it. If you want to throw in bakar though, sure, go for it, but that’s literally it. The majority is just WPvP gear, Ruby Feast, and consumables.

So? We’re talking about the game, not a forum population that can be counted on your own two hands.

It is very obvious that you don’t know what this means.

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Seconding this :+1:

His thread was timely for sure with a new patch/season right around the corner (literally)