Changes needed for Mechagon

You saw the title. Lets get this done! :smiley:

Update: 4 hrs in queue. Just trying to do Mechagon Workshop. This is a problem. Only lvl 50 on the nose who happens to have a heart of azeroth can Q up for this instance. The window is narrow, the planets have to align in order to be eligible to queue for this in the dungeon finder. In order to do it otherwise, you gotta make a group and do the whole Junkyard. Or you can waste an hour trying to solo the 4th boss to get into the workshop. This is a problem. I just want transmogs. Geez, Blizz.

Yes, I am aware I could have done the Junkyard in this time but the process is far too annoying and stressful and I shouldn’t have to subject myself to that. I mean the content is 20 lvls beneath max 2 expansions ago yet still I am at the mercy of arbitrary mechanics. Just like Eonar in Antorus and thats THREE expansions ago. Should be able to just run through it and get the old gear. They did it with Gunship Battle. Just add a way to skip all the convoluted solo mechanical bosses.

Jamie Gearknock, for instance, the NPC that makes like hes gonna zoom you into the Workshop doesn’t offer the option. Just add that option as soon as you walk in so we can skip the Junkyard.