Changes & Experiments to Raid Rewards in Dragonflight Season 1

Presumably you will choose your loot spec, and then everything that isn’t your loot spec is your off-spec.

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Maybe because I know in the end this change isn’t really a change.

Whether the game rolls for a player or they roll themselves the end result doesn’t change. This isn’t Master Looter where the Raid leader controls where drops wind up.


To be clear: is this separate main- and off-spec buttons, or does it figure out which is appropriate when you click a single Need button based on your chosen loot spec?

It is a change. Asking random people to opt-in to a plate stack is a completely different beast than bullying random people out of a raid to create an “inverse plate stack”.

In the old system, you were rewarded for finding like-minded players to funnel you gear. In this new system, you are rewarded for driving players away who could compete with loot. Reminds me of those old UBRS runs I used to do where I wouldn’t invite anyone who could roll on my stuff and I’d master loot what I want… only this is an official system Blizzard is forcing on everyone. Lol.

It’s so crazy Blizzard is going this direction especially forcing it on LFR players.


I am curious as to the final implementation but it looked like it took your loot spec into consideration because its the same need/gree/de/pass interface in raid testing today-and it did indicate main spec on the winning roll. But that could be not fully implemented

We’re working on this, but ideally:

  • If you control a 398 ‘Cool Dragon Ring’ with any tertiary, you cannot roll need on another 398 ‘Cool Dragon Ring’ without a tertiary. It only works one way.
  • This is a little under the hood, but we’re working towards it being so that not all tertiaries are considered equal - it’s valid for a healer to want to roll for an item with leech or some players to roll on an item with a socket, even if they have that exact item and level but it has say, Speed or Indestructible. We’ll see how this works long-term but some version of that is the idea.

And yes, Loot Spec will be set via the character pane under ‘Loot Options’ as it is currently.


People are still gonna abuse and be toxic about group loot.

Because it will be all tradable, don’t think for a second people won’t be booting people from pugs for not trading loot to their friends or in lfr with vote kick etc.

All they had to do was make group loot apply to full guild runs and pl for pugs.


Firstly, congrats on the promotion! You earned it!

Let’s say, hypothecitally, I want full control over my guild’s loot distribution and the raid team consents to my tyrannical ways.

Would it be possible for this scenario to happen:

-Loot drops.
-Everyone passes.
-I roll greed on everything (including gear I can’t equip as I can’t roll need on it.)
-I get all the loot with the 2 hour trading window flag.
-I speak with my council of degenerates and decide who will recieve loot.
-I trade the appropriate people loot.

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How is that different than the current system other than lifting the trading restriction based on iLevel? Bad actors will always be bad actors.

Did you just start playing WOW? What you describe has been going on since Vanilla and still happened during the PL era.


I had hoped this would be the answer, thanks!

Honestly, I didn’t even expect this, I figured it would be a lot of work for little payoff in most cases but I’m excited to see what form it takes!

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I’m curious about this too, because it’s really the only reason I run LFR.

It says “wearing” anyways, not in bag, so you can circumvent this by just wearing a different type of item, like an item from M+, if somehow they didn’t take this into consideration.

Which is really not ideal at all, because it allows people to need on loot in LFR and then go off and vendor it.

And again, no, it is NOT the same thing or “hidden” in some way. If your raid ends up with 16 leather wearers, your odds of getting the leather piece are worse than they would have been with Personal Loot. And you can absolutely end up in a raid group like that because LFR doesn’t create raids with concern about cloth/leather/mail/plate balance.


love these changes.


This is so bad. Stop it. We don’t need this. Personal loot is fine.


a few things

  1. outside of ilvl upgrades this exact scenario could happen with personal loot (and there was a vocal group of people asking for removal of trade restrictions on that too)
  2. Have you ever tried to vote kick someone not HARDCORE trolling in LFR its impossible to get enough people to initiate the vote
  3. In Heroic/Normal you still get to keep your loot and go into another run. Mythic Ion already indicated he feels like pugging mythic is not something that should be particularly easy or ideal to do. And its also less likely for you to be kicked in a raid with bosses down bc other people are reluctant to get locked on one boss so they are less likely to be shady with how loot is handled.

Maybe that will change based on some of the other things that have been discussed here. The design of Need/Greed has been revamped so who knows.

This open ups so many ways for abusive guild leaders to handle loot… I have no words.
If you are making group loot, at least keep all the trading restrictions in place so that shady guild leader can’t force you to trade your loot to him or his friends.


Please god just revert this change, loot being able to drop for classes/armor types not in the group is insane


Gonna use your post to create some feedback on how to ensure these things dont happen

Can it be tracked like the game currently tracks your highest ilvl piece? That way we dont have shenanigans of people unequipping gear.

Can something happen on either the loot selection side or the lfr armor balance side to mitigate this issue of stacked armor classes. I know the idea is to increase gear diversity in raids but since LFR has no way to control that can safeguards be put in place?

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Is the Loot Spec that the system looks at when Need is pressed snapshotted when the boss dies? Way too easy to game the system if not.

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