Changes Blizzard could make

Blizzard has stated they want to deliver an authentic WOW Classic experience.
But they could make these changes to the game with little notice at least for a while.

  1. Druids Moonkin - Moonkins, Paladins and Shamans could get an unannounced hidden and otherwise secret mp5 boost at 60.

For the most part no one would notice the change at least for a long while.

  1. 60 is a long way down the road for most players.
  2. Most serious and streamers don’t play hybrids at least not for a while.
  3. The way resources tic in the new client would hide the change pretty well for a while.

This is just one example of how Blizzard can still balance and control their game with little or no resistance from the crowd.

I have thought up several more stealth changes that would improve longevity of the game while being almost invisible until you are knee deep into them.

Its been a slow week…


They also stated they were not going to make any changes to the game that didn’t affect stability or security


Making any unannouced changes will lead to distrust regardless of the outcome of the change.
Lets not support companys making stealthy moves thanks.


This is an interesting proposal. Hidden doesn’t mean it isn’t there, though. However, I think this may be something that Blizz could reconsider despite how much people say “too late Blizz already said…”

A good idea is a good idea and open discourse on this forum is one of those good ideas.

What other stuff have you thought about during your slow day, Intronix? :slight_smile:

Longevity is irrelevant. The nature of Classic WoW is that it will have a definitive end; eventually, someone could take one character through every raid and to the top of the PvP ladder if they wanted to. Eventually, they’ll run out of new things to do aside from repeat what they’ve already done.

Changes to Classic made with longevity in mind are missing the entire point of the exercise.


Stealth buffs, or nerfs, would not be appreciated.



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Changes purposefully implemented with a lack of transparency is not a healthy development ethos.


Or you could lvl fishing up for some nightfin soup.



Yeah but like…why actually play the game when they could just put something in that makes it more convenient for me? #sarcasm


Blizzard explicitly stated that they’re not changing the data.

So no.


Hence the hidden part.
Blizzard will do what is best for their balance sheet.

Making Hybrids more playable at end game = more $$$$
The fact that they will most likely do things like this and no one will notice or care is a bonus.

They could do a lot more… and it would improve longevity and never get noticed.


They absolutely will notice; they’ll instantly notice. There’s no question. The game is constantly under a microscope with all the meters in add-ons and nerds tracking every little detail of the game.


Oh my God, of course people will notice. Meters track every spell everyone in your raid casts, how much mana they spent, how much healing/overhealing they did. Someone will notice who is topping healing charts and how they’re doing it with the gear they have. A spreadsheet will appear on Google Docs within 24 hours and the jig will be up. The nerds who play this game find everything.


I believe blizzard has made at least a few changes to balance the classes in BFA, perhaps you should check that out?


You must be joking if you think people aren’t going to notice.


The fun of playing an unconventional spec is making it work! Be that one guy who found a way to make oomkins work in raids. If everyone could do it, it’s no longer special.


This is why no one likes hybrid players. You demand the game change around you to benefit you without considering the impacts it will have on other aspects of the game.

Yeah, let’s give more mp5 to arguably the strongest healing class and make raid content even more trivial just so you can do 250 dps.


No Changes


You think people aren’t going to notice something like that ? People will notice the second hybrids start lasting longer in fighrs. We aren’t stupid.

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