Change the short stories

Tyrande, Malfurion and Shandris are infact part of the alliance.

Yes, they are part of the Alliance.

They aren’t new DF characters.

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At this point I ignore the story and just murder-hobo my way through the world with warmode on as God intended.


Thrall and Sylvanas were like gods at one point. :robot::thought_balloon:

…probably Kael’thas too if he’s involved in Midnight. :8ball::robot:

There was an entire expansion about the OG horde leaders being brought back. We already did that.

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And it was awesome, idk what anyone says I loved WoD. Won’t ever get the same energy from the Orcs again, not for a while anyway. Too masculine for Blizzard.


Kael’thas is dead and Sylvanas is in the Maw. Horde continues to either get nothing or just C plot while Alleria and Anduin lead us to victory against the current big bad guy. Cuz Blizzard totally hates the Horde and looks for ways to make them more miserable.

We’ll probably be seeing Sylvanas during Midnight if anything. Maybe.

Serious question for Erevian as you seem to be uniquely passionate about it; would you rather have no story for the Horde or really bad story for the Horde?

No we won’t- Alleria will give orders to everyone cuz she will be the new queen since Horde isn’t allowed to have anything nice on their own if it involves elves.

I rather have no story here. Being ignored is better then being ruined.

It’s possible. That’s why I don’t main there anymore. :handbag::robot:

Although to be fair, I do often recall the dev team has been shocked for the directions of the horde. Has to be a communication problem or the horde’s future wasn’t planned. :robot::thought_balloon:

…even at this time, i’m not sure what future the horde should have. :crystal_ball::robot:

Well if they intend to create new characters to root for they can f off. Srsly I don’t care for any nonames with paper thin backstory I want the LEGENDS of the past to lead the Horde just like Turalyon leads the alliance now, that is only fair and right.

Dead guys rot not rule. Adapt

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Don’t hold your breath. Like you said, being ignored is better than being ruined. What “legends of the past” even are there for the Horde that are still even left? The OG Orcish Horde isn’t a thing anymore. Even the Warcraft III Horde is all gone. That big dumb moment where Sylvanus said “The Horde is NOTHING!” pretty much said it all.

Nope- Old guys it is. If Alliance gets to keep their veteran like

then so should the Horde

so give me back my

and Zuluhed
oh Ner’zhul too yes.

Resurrect them that is. Nobody cares for newcomers Blizzard wouldn’t be capable of building up like they would deserve.

Resurrect them to do what? Those guys you just mentioned would make Garrosh look like Sesame Street. And while I’d be all for that, I’m pretty sure the majority of the remaining Horde players would throw a hissy fit at having such a “toxthic” leader. Again.

Kill the traitors like Thrall and Baine and lead us back to glory against the true enemy aka the alliance.

So you want to be the villain?

Pawn of the legion?

Slaves of demons? Thats the horde you want?

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Which original Horde leaders would kill Thrall? Gul’dan and Cho’gall would go off and do thier own things, Ogrim Doomhammer and Grommash would be chill with Thrall. Ner’zhul is too weak willed to do anything that requires having agency.

I guess there’s Blackhand, Kargath and… Zuluhead?

Hmm. Could Dentarg survive being decapitated by Khadgar? He used to have two heads and we could hide him at Ogrezonia. :axe::robot:

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