Change the short stories

We don’t care about Durak’s teenage problems or Gazlowe leading a workers revolution. If you want to use the Horde characters in a meaningful way then turn them into OP demigods who can’t be harmed like you did with Tyrande and Jaina already. That is the way to make the leadership of the Horde actually interesting. Stop the fanboyism over Alleria and Anduin instead and give the red heroes a time to shine in a big way too. Please Blizzard you need to listen to me.

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Horde isn’t doing too bad tbf.

They have the most powerful shaman - Thrall.

The best teleportation specialist - Oculeth.

The most relevant Paladin alive - Liadrin.

While neutral, a horde inclined Aspect - Ebyssian/Ebonhorn.

I’m not denying Alliance has more powerhouses, after all, it is the best faction, but Alleria hasn’t done anything major yet. Anduin lost his light touch.

Tyrande technically still has the night warrior power in some way, but even before that, she was powerful. Malfurion is still Malfurion, which means the devs have to just put him in some corner so players dont ask: “why dont malfurion just solve this stuff?”.

Velen and Jaina are around too I guess.

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Show me one time that wasn’t Cataclysm where the Horde did do anything meaningful.

The Horde does not need to make its leaders into OP demigods for them to have their own, good stories.

Im excitdd that we get to see what Gazlowe is like as a leader. Im eager to see what Durak, the future generation, is like. Like, is the issue here truly because theyre not as powerful as Tyrande, Malfurion and so on?

To start, most of the Horde leaders dont have magical powers. Theyre physical fighters for the most part.


Nope I deffo want to have OP demigods. To hell with layered stories that has nothing to do with defeating the main bad guy.

The future generation died with Garrosh. Why do you people still trust Metzen with this after he screwed up WoD?


I don’t read the short stories or anything outside the game
Blah blah blah

I do and it will be awful.

Ok, let’s trade then, Give me short stories about Jarod and Maiev on some good old sibling banther.

And then give you a story on how Thalyssra faces a runaway Azshara, defeats her and gets the hold of magical power and knowledge that would rival the powers of a Guardian. A new orc warrior quickly rises trough the ranks, becoming famous for his incredible strength feats never seen before.

I’m fine with this, we can even have Malfurion, now retired, pass his druid Juice to Hamuul or something and let him be the super powerful druid that barely ever appears.

I don’t want a new Orc I want the original old Horde leaders.

I double triple dare you to post that in General Discussion where it belongs. But you won’t. You’ll play it safe by posting it in the one place they completely ignore unless someome flags a post.


Dude you are actually so delusional. Please take a walk outside man.

Not until the Horde gets actual cool leaders and not nobodies and people who are 100% defined by their friendship to Anduin and Jaina.

We will do one better. Everyone gets to be anduins and Jainas bestie. Just for you :rofl:

No. I will never be nice to them. They murdered my king in cold blood.

They were evil and they dead.

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They will come back. Blizzard is not capable of creating new characters. See Garrosh and Nazgrim.

Being used as a part of a raid encounter doesn’t register to me as “Bringing garrosh back”.

Also, dragondlight main cast has like a bunch of new characters.

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also mostly alliance no one but blue players care about.

Oh yeah, Emberthal, Vyranoth, fyrakk, Sarkareth, all super duper alliance characters the plot of dragonflight has been about.

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The power of friendship man!! Drives people like erevien crazy apparently

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