Change the instance cap to 45 over 30

Title, and make it only dungeons/20-man not 40-main raids

now everyone can shut up and be happy, ya?

No lifers get to play all day, and bots don’t get as much free way.

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40 man raids have already been excluded from it. But yeah i agree 45 sounds good.

Sure why not , I don’t do instances and don’t really care . But I like 1 thing . FREEDOM and NOCHANGES . This was not in classic and its not the ideal experience .


This isn’t something we should be forced to compromise on, but if we are going to consider it then I say it should be 3+1 (3 same and one different instance) per hour. Retail already has something similar but there you can do as many dungeon finder/pvp as you want as well.

I can literally cap out (10x instance + another instance) then go do lfd or pvp for an 30mins and do it all over again.

This is why I’m against the cap for classic.

Here’s a better idea: revert the change entirely.


It doesn’t affect 40 mans as per the hotfix applied. So 40 mans are not affected anymore and you can instance as much as you want and hit the cap without affecting your raiding schedule.

And it only affects a “small number” of players per the dev team.

So why do we need a change. You can no life classic without needing to enter 30 dungeons. Believe me, I know.

210 a week would be better. This way people who can’t play every day can still do some decent farming on the days they can play.

Have they?? last I checked it said

did I miss another blue post?

What the hell? We don’t need dungeons limit at all!


Yet you had them in vanilla :stuck_out_tongue:

We don’t need a change; that’s why this change should be reverted.

Why should we restrict the gameplay of legitimate players?

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I agree it should be tuned, 90 runs per 3 days seems very reasonable.

9 hours a day of dungeon grinding? And that’s only if you’re hitting the 5/hr ever hour, with no breaks. Even the current 30 instance limit only affects you if you’re gold farming, or a feral druid. I don’t see any reason to lower it tbh. 99% of us will never see that cap

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A better idea would be to change it to 999, basically what it was before.

This change probably makes it a lot easier to detect players that are botting. It’s crazy how quickly this forum went from rallying against botters to being upset that blizzard made a change to help prevent them.

The arguments against 30 are in bad faith. The arguments aganst 45 or 60 would be too.

i was thinking 40 at best. 45 is great… i agree man. id be happy with this… 30 is a looooww number loooowww looooooooooooooooooow

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