Change suggestion regarding black lotus farm

I’d like to suggest a change in light of the way black lotus has been camped by gold sellers as of late. Please make it so you can’t see herb nodes while dead.

It’s virtually impossible to legitimately harvest herbs now because of these gold sellers that have 10 accounts parked in every zone at every node spawn that just rotate through each zone on a timer. They are level 2 warriors that are just dead ghosts watching for the node to spawn.

Not being able to see nodes while dead seems like a simple change to make and would not disrupt gameplay for the vast majority of people.

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They just need to turn layers back on. Everything is over farmed to the max on high population realms. Plaguebloom is selling for 40-60g a stack because its impossible to keep up with the demand with only a single layer.

Layering will not fix this issue. These nodes are being camped by gold sellers in order to amass a pool of gold to sell for real money. If layering is turned on, they will just park another 10 accounts on the new layer. The only way to fix this problem is to remove the method they are using to consistently camp it.

I totally support this.

no changes

Hate to break it to you, but there’s changes.

There is literally no downside to what I’m suggesting. It doesn’t introduce quality of life features or negatively impact gameplay at all (unless you’re someone that is using dead ghosts to camp nodes).

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i want pandas and demon hunters in classic there is literally no downside becuase they are fun

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I also enjoy making outlandish comparisons that fail to make a point.


why don’t we just have a spot to click on in the zone and at the end of the day, random clickers win a black lotus?

Don’t be silly. You aren’t perfect. You may be smarter than me, but Blizzard experts could probably find a downside to Blizzard doing this in Classic WoW.

I’m a humble player, but I even see 2 downsides:

[1] it’s changing the rules for a million players, including the 99.9999% of them that are not cheaters. What if lots of non-cheaters are using this strategy? Is it right to block them too? You have no proof that ONLY cheaters do this.

[2] It won’t improve anything. You can block THIS strategy – so what? Within hours or days the cheaters will figure out a NEW strategy, that works around whatever you did to block this. They’ll still beat out individual gatherers most of the time.

What do you do then? Make another change? How about a new change every week for a year…until all your players quit, because they hate the rule changes, and the fact that everything they do is now forbidden.

Blizzard has been fighting cheaters for 16 years. They know a lot more than we do.

Lol, funny joke.

just make BL spots random instead of fixed spots. fixed