Challenge Mode gear?

Perhaps I should have tempered my expectations or sought information elsewhere, but the marketing materials clearly showed the monk challenge mode transmog among the items that can be earned and transferred to collections in retail WoW. While other aspects of MoP Remix are certainly appreciated, this was the main draw for me, and I’ve only come to learn that they are in fact not available. This seems like false advertisement; why else would that specific outfit be displayed in those specific contexts if not to imply that it’s available?

Also I won’t be entertaining these forums’ characteristic responses like, “You should have had a stable household a decade ago!” This is irrelevant to the point. This is specifically about the matter of advertisement.

Hey I agree that it’s lame that Blizz never brought back the challenge modes for remix in anyway, even through a recolor. I do think that the actual challenge modes would have been a scaling nightmare and eventually trivialized considering the context & power creep of remix so I understand why they didn’t put the actual dungeons in. Considering the false advertising, they never mentioned in any of their marketing material that the cm gear would be available, the monk cm gear was probably just for flavor :confused:

Legion class set

I’m fairly certain there were recolors of the CM armor that was never put in the game. Would have been nice to put the recolors in this event.

Blizzard did address the marketing issue in a live chat (I forget with who). They acknowledged they never intended to have CM gear available but that one marketing picture showed some, and owned up to the mistake.

It sucks but whatever, some stuff will remain exclusive.

I wish I’d known that before scheduling my entire week around it.

blizz did expressly state in a blue post that CM gear would not be available in mop remix before the event started

OOOF! Blizzard clarified on MoP Remix, NO legendary quest chain/challenge mode sets - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums

Maybe they should have informed the marketing team.