Chain Harvest and Vesper totem to shammy. Replace PW, it stinks

The last thing Enhancement needs is yet another Maelstrom spender, even as a cooldown. I do agree that Primordial Wave feels bad to use for Enh, especially on ST, but I don’t think the answer is to add Chain Harvest in its place.


Is necro or kyrians better for m+ content

Or venthyr

Necro is BiS in m+


Necro with Pwave is BIS. And its really not that close.

Vent/Kyrian isn’t even second. They are fighting for “which one isnt the worst”


Venthyr ele is just fun IMO.

Wish chain harvest was an option with pwave.

I know we get LMT to spread FS but thats just meh.

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vesper deserves never to be remembered, or referenced again


Rsham vesper for keys is a very fun playstyle that give a lot more versatility to your healing and damage gameplay. Chain Harvest is the most boring thing I have ever tried to play with.


I picked vesper totem first because I like to use totems and honestly it didn’t seem that bad. Generally has a 40 second cooldown and when you use it right you get basically and extra 20k damage on an average pack.

It doesn’t feel nearly as bad as people make it out to be.

I switched to chain harvest and while there’s a lot more oomph to it, the cooldown is so long that I feel I barely end up using it.

except call of the elements is so bad in the general tree for Enh…

So bad that I’d even appreciate Vesper instead.

its bad because there is 0 synergy for that spell. ZERO interaction with any shaman abilities. (so is chain harvest, until they added the flameshock/riptide leg.)
It is clearly a lazy placeholder ability so they can make it for the 9.0 release date.

I liked Fae Transfusion. I’d like to see further iteration on this spell to be a little more melee friendly. I’d settle for the same spell not being split evenly between targets though. Less per target is fine but evenly split killed the spell pretty quick.

I love Chain Harvest, Vesper Totem, and Fae Transfusion.

I hate Primordial Wave in every single way a person could ever hate an ability. The fact that it’s the only one that made it through is a tragedy.

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Something like this

In a perfect world, the capstone would let us choose between the covenant skills over only giving us one.
My old main was Hunter and they gave us the worst of them all, lol

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I’ve literally been saying since beta launched promdial wave is garbage but when I do a bunch of 11/12 heroic or 1/12 M shamans wanna tell me how I’m wrong and how it’s better than chain harvest (it’s not lol). With the reveal of tier sets and how they think haste is good for resto shaman, I’m convinced they have no idea how resto shaman is supposed to be played. They wanna listen to the people who will quit after the first tier instead of people who play a class for years on end and know what’s good and what’s bad for the class. I’ve already lost all hope in the shaman dev team. Let’s just see what happens I guess

This is just false. As resto Chain harvest with its lego it’s miles above primordial wave and it’s not even close. Just look at any logs post 9.1. Even before legos it competed with primordial wave in CN. False information like this is why we get poop abilities like primordial wave in dragon flight.

Since we are not talking about resto, this is not false.


Damn I was hoping this guy was gone for good… hate to see him back.

Take a certain level of stupidity to believe that rsham will only be good if they have chain harvest, regardless of how the tuning of other spells shakes out.

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Nah, THIS is false lol.