ChAAAArge into September’s Trading Post

Honestly, this will probably be another month where I just get the hood+cloak and save my tendies for the next month. Maybe those Tauren totems as well… haven’t decided.

Good question. It would be a first race-exclusive item on the Trading Post if that is the case.

Yeah, I’m wondering that myself. Doesn’t seem to fit too well together. The armor set would be good for a Scarlet Crusader roleplay… but the weapons are more fitting for a Draenei Vindicator.

That’s my guess on the next expansion if it’s not the Light vs Void. We’ll instead get a South Seas / Avaloren expansion where pirates will be sort of the B or C plot, but not the main A plot, of the expansion.

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Imagine all the Jack Sparrow pop culture reference quotes they would add in a pirate themed expansion lol. "You lied to me by telling me the truth? :laughing: People don’t know they’re crazy. I know I’m crazy, therefore I’m not crazy, isn’t that crazy :crazy_face: :popcorn:

Would the character be called Captain John Falcon? :dracthyr_hehe_animated:

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But what about second pirate expansion?


ooooh a cap?

you know what would go great with that?



Joe Seagull probably.

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No, we had an expansion that had SOME pirates in the story. We also had TWO legion filled expansions but who’s counting, AY?


Oh, maybe Jacob Eagle. Or Jacque Finch.

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Ngl, I want this mount

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It is a shame the three piece sets don’t match the weapons. My Paladin could rock those set pieces if they were pink and purple.

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Starting to feel that way and possibly other side of Azeroth

:dragon: :ocean: :dragon: :ocean:

I don’t know what these words mean.

Also, could you please match the color schemes of the armors and weapons? Thanks.


I gonna cry once more case there so many Good items And not enough tinder to get

Aw, muffin.

There time like this this I wish I can buy more tinder

Still low-key disappointed they leaned into the tentacly side of priest fantasy for this one.

Ah well, saved tenders.

Still might get the weapons tbh


We all get to be Tauren now?

I don’t. They’ve already started to recycle previous months items. These will be back around.

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Those purple pally weapons will go well with my velf pally when that race/class combo gets unlocked!

That thing I never like to wait… Feel like Ages to wait for new mouth to roll around while Every one threaten with End of event of this game so forth and deadline here and there…